Hopewell players cheered on at pep rally

| February 21, 2020

This is an exciting time for the Hopewell Indians basketball team who are going to the State Semi Final on Saturday, Feb. 22 against the Lucas County Toledo Public T-Rockets.

Final Four will be the Regional Champions from the Northwest, Northeast and South-Central Regions that was determined by a drawing on Monday, Feb. 3. Saturday will be the State Semi Finals School Age Division II. The winner will play in the State Championship School Age Division II on Sunday.

“If they win on Saturday they will be playing Sunday at Bowling Green State University for the State Championship,” said Special Olympics Coordinator Toby Collins. “The court is a little intimidating because it is much bigger than what they are used to.”

Special Olympics offered a skills competition as well, which included bowling, basketball, track and softball. Hopewell’s Cody Croy scored first place in bowling and basketball.

This is Croy’s first year to compete on the team, but he has played basketball for a long time at school and at home with his brothers and his Dad.

“One of my brothers plays on a team and one plays at home,” Cody said. “My Dad played in school and he coached me a lot. That’s where I learned most of it.”

The individual skills competition includes: Target pass, dribbling and spot shot.

“Shooting was probably the hardest, but it was a short court, so dribbling was pretty easy,” Croy said. “This is my first year on the team, but I’ve played recreational ball for a long time. I didn’t think I’d be as good as I am, but I thought I would be pretty decent. I’m excited that I can actually do it instead of just playing at home.”

Coshocton County Special Olympics hosted a pep rally at Ridgewood High School on Wednesday evening, Feb. 19, for the Hopewell Indians Red Team.

Coaches introduced the players and cheerleaders as the team ran out on the court tossing t-shirts to the enthusiastic crowd, followed by the red team performing basketball relays.

The finale was Pie in the Face, a game where players could ask their coaches a series of questions and move up a level with each wrong answer. Coaches were decked out in plastic protective wear so that the pies didn’t cause too much damage.

This year’s basketball roster for the Hopewell Red Team School Age (16-21) Division includes: Dakota Mobley, Jacob LaVigne, Christopher Mobley, Scott Balentine, Hunter Markley, Coalton Mobley, Kendrick Fowler, Owen Markley, Dylan Dobson, Brayden Markley, Jason Neighbor, and for skills, Cody Croy.


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