How to properly care for your Christmas tree

| November 29, 2013

COSHOCTON – There are many types of Christmas decorations to adorn your home this holiday season, but none is more important or draws the most attention from guests than the Christmas tree. If you choose to feature a live tree in your home this year, here are some tips from Kenneth D. Scheetz, owner of Scheetz Christmas Tree Farm, to make sure your tree is healthy and beautiful.

When you get your tree home, before you mount your tree, make sure to cut one-half inch off the trunk so it’s a fresh cut before putting it in water. It only takes one-half hour before the tree will seal itself and that will prevent the tree from absorbing water.

Use hot water when watering your tree for the same purpose. The hot water will help melt the sap so the tree does not seal itself. Also, Scheetz advised, if you do not live in the city with chlorinated water, add a tablespoon of chlorine to help discourage fungus from forming. Check the water level in your tree each day and add more hot water when needed. If you let your tree dry out, it will seal itself again.

As a safety precaution, keep your trees, live or plastic, away from heat sources. Scheetz said that it is a common misconception that live trees are more likely to catch fire than artificial ones.

“Plastic ones start fires more easily than a live tree because plastic trees are made in China and they don’t always use fire retardant materials,” said Scheetz.

Also for safety reasons, make sure your tree is securely anchored to the walls and its stand so it is less likely to fall.

When it is time to discard your tree, make sure to dispose of it properly. They can usually be disposed of at the Coshocton County Fairgrounds, or take them back to Scheetz Tree Farm. The city also has a tree pick-up day.

“If the tree starts losing needles at the top of the tree where it gets less water, then that tells you it’s about to expire,” said Scheetz. “It depends on the care as to how long it lasts. The rule of thumb is, the longer the needles are, the longer the life of the tree.”

By following these tips, you can ensure that your tree will be healthy and happy for the holidays.

Scheetz Tree Farm is located at 2297 Cambridge Road in Coshocton.

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