It’s time to be nice, be kind and give away a smile

| August 19, 2021

Yes, we’ve all noticed it, been a part of it, and had it happen to us at least a time or two. Especially in the past year and a half. I’m talking about folks just generally not being very friendly. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. This is one of those negative nelly, down the rabbit hole journeys that leads nowhere. Give it a minute. Take a pause. A deep breath.

Let’s face the facts head on. It all started with that little virus. Face masks or not to wear face masks. Keep a business open or not. Listen to the authorities or not. Follow all the debates from the scientists – which one is right? Or not? Then it was the hotly contested presidential election – then we had all the drama surrounding same afterwards. Then it was the debate around the vaccine – to get it or not to get it? Now it seems that some are circling the wagons again. Face masks are popping up in some corners and school boards are being faced with that decision – again.

Mixed in with all of this are the folks that are supposed to be working from home – and trying to help their kids with remote learning – all in a county that still has large pockets that lack high speed internet. Talk about a mess. Those folks are probably still exhausted. It takes time to move past an event like this – so, is it any wonder that we are still a bit on edge?

There are wonderful exceptions to this of course. There always are and hopefully always will be. There are certain people -and thankfully we all know some – who can just look and get beyond all of this, maintain their positive attitude, joyful demeanor and share it with others. When they do, let’s accept it with grace and share it with others. That way we can all move forward a little bit faster and get to a better place.

The Buckeyes kick off the 2021 gridiron campaign against the Golden Gophers of Minnesota on Thursday, Sept. 2 in an unusual evening game at 8 p.m. This bubbled up a couple of years ago as you might recall for some of the colleges along with possible Friday evening games – which had high schools complaining – for good reason – around the country. That is followed by a contest with Oregon on Sept. 11 – Saturday – at noon in the Horseshoe. This will be an early test for the Buckeyes.

Area high schools kick off their season this week with Coshocton at Ridgewood and old MVL foe Morgan making the long trip from McConnelsville to take on the Black Bears in Warsaw. At press time both games are slated for a 7 p.m. kickoff. Here’s wishing all area fall sports teams, marching bands, coaches, staff, bus drivers, cheerleaders, parents and the volunteers that make high school sports go – good luck this season!

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