Jerry Firman

| September 23, 2019

Obituary of Samuel Gerald Firman, aka Jerry Firman, The Old Fogey

I Will Live Forever -Written by the Old Fogey on 9-11-14

A magical experience took over my body and soul yesterday. Something happened that opened my heart, my mind, my world. I was suddenly given the most important knowledge I have ever learned. Some readers may say it was enlightenment. Others will say it was an epiphany. A few may say I was having hallucinations or illusions. Only those who have experienced what happened to me will truly understand. Yesterday changed my world and the world everyone else will have. Yesterday I held the world, the future, all humanity in my arms. Yesterday, on September 11, 2014, my first Great Granddaughter arrived.

The magic came about because as she lay in my arms I realized I was no longer just an old man who was only going to get older and eventually die. I realized the future was at my fingertips. The world was to be my oyster. I had become all powerful and eternal. I am going to live forever, not only through this sweet child but through all my progeny. My children, my Grandchildren, my Great Grandchildren, and now, my Great, Great Grandchildren will create the future I have long dreamed of. They will do the loving and living for me long after I leave this place.  I hope she comes to love her world as much as I love mine. I hope she learns to love all those who came before, exist with her, and are yet to be born.

Jerry graduated from Warsaw High School, Warsaw, Ohio in 1954.  He left the day after graduation for the United States Army where he served as a commissioned officer for almost 20 years.  He returned to Coshocton after his service and became the Founder and Creator of the Coshocton Free Enterpriser.  He ran the business into the 90’s before retiring.  He traveled, wrote articles-affectionately as the “Old Fogey,” and enjoyed retirement.  The last three years he has resided in Lawton, Oklahoma with his oldest children.

He is survived by his loving children, Sumi, Sammy, Selena and John, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, brothers Gordon Firman and George Mason, and his sister Mary Mason.

Jerry will be laid to rest in Lawton Oklahoma.

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