Junior fair livestock auction sellers have big plans

| October 5, 2018

COSHOCTON – Buyers at the junior fair livestock auction at the Coshocton County Fair not only supported the community in general, they helped a future large animal vet, aerospace engineer, vet tech, and heavy equipment manager get a few steps closer to their dreams.

The reserve grand champion turkey was shown by Evan Stiteler. This is his third year showing and the first time he did so well in his class. His stepbrother and stepsister showed turkeys for several years and he started because of that. “It’s not too hard to let go of the turkey,” Stiteler said. He said caring for the turkey includes making sure they always have fresh food and water and plenty of clean saw dust. He plans to leave his money in a savings account for now and use it to study heavy equipment management in the future.

Hunter Meade is no stranger to having a champion animal. This is the second year he has had the grand champion market lamb. When asked his secret for raising two champions, he said, “Feeding them well and working with them a lot.” He said it’s kind of hard to let go of his lamb, but he plans to save his money to go elk hunting in Idaho with his dad and grandpa. “I’m really excited about that.”

The grand champion market duck was shown by Javin Robinson and purchased by The Home Loan Savings Bank, The Gemini Corporation, and PSI Industrial. Kyle Hamilton, from Home Loan Savings, said he has been at the bank for more than 25 years and the bank has been supporting the sale since before that. “These are the future leaders of our community. They work hard and we are proud to support them every year.”

This was Robinson’s second year showing market ducks and the first year he won grand champion. “It was completely unexpected, but I was so excited. Ducks are a lot of work – you have to constantly refill their water and make sure they have clean living conditions.” He plans to save his money to use for college as he studies to be an aerospace engineer.

Michaela Greten won grand champion dairy feeder. She won in 2010 also and was reserve grand champion in 2015. When asked how she raises champion cows, she said it was important to feed them well. “It’s not too hard to let animals go after doing it for so many years.” She plans to save her money to study something in the agriculture field. Ken Hunter, her uncle, purchased her animal. “This is her last year in 4-H and she is going out with a bang – the grand champion dairy cow and being named queen. She worked so hard and spent a lot of time with this animal.”

This was the first time Austin Wilson won grand champion market hog. He said it is a little hard to let go, but that he is going to save his money, possibly for a truck.  “It’s hard work, dedication and science to feeding hogs. You have to walk them a lot. The better you are with the hog, the better it will do for you.” His hog was purchased by Jeff Drennen Dealership. Stacy Drennen said this was the 16th year they had purchased animals from the junior fair auction. “These kids work so hard – tirelessly. We want to support them and give back to the community.”

Drennen’s also purchased the grand champion market steer shown by Kurtis Moore. Moore said this was the first year he did so well and he was really excited.  “We were kinda confident about our chances, but I was still really excited when it happened.” He said he had been working with his steer for almost a year and it was a little bit hard to think about letting the animal go. He plans to use his money for school to study heating and cooling systems.

Jeff Drennen said, “This is our way of giving back – to supporting these kids that work so hard. These are year-long projects. Our business is supported by local families and we want to support them, too. This is a highlight of our year and we’ll be at the auction as long as we are here (in Coshocton.)”

Shelby Cannon said she wasn’t attached to her grand champion market chicken, because it was just a chicken, but that when she showed goats, it was hard to let them go. “I won grand champion market goat for three years. The goats were born on our farm so it was really hard to sell them.” She plans to use her money to attend Ashford College and become a vet tech.

Endsley Insurance/Auto Owners Insurance purchased several animals at the auction. The agency has been purchasing animals since 1972. “4-H has been a huge part of our family. My kids and their cousins are the fourth generation to be in 4-H. It’s a great way to give back to the community and to the kids who work so hard all year,” said Todd Endsley.

Madalyn Cutshall plans to save her money from the sale of her grand champion rabbit market fryer to attend college and study to be a large animal vet. She has shown the grand champion before and has also won reserve grand champion.  When asked what she does to raise champion animals, she said, “You have to work with them. You have to get them used to being touched and make sure they are calm to sit on the table.”

The reserve grand champion market goat was shown by Macey Mizer. This is the first year she has shown a goat, but she has won grand champion lamb before.  “You have to work with them a lot.” She said sometimes it is hard to let the animal go and that she plans to save her money.

Auctioneer Jim Nelson has been helping with the junior fair auction for 15-20 years. When asked why he helps with the auction, he said, “Number one – you gotta love auctioneering. Number two – these young people are the strength of our community and anything we can do to help them is a win-win situation.” Nelson was selling the grand champion and reserve grand champion turkey in the sale of champions then would be selling the rest of the turkeys in the junior fair arena.  “Most of auctioneers around town want to be here to help.”

Nelson shared his pride in two of his former apprentices, Shawn Dostie and David Angelo, who were also helping with the auction. “It’s a lot of hard work to get your license. These are both great guys.”


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