Kick-off to Change the World tour coming to Coshocton

| August 23, 2016

COSHOCTON – With so much violence, hate, and depression happening in our world today, many people go throughout their lives thinking that they have no purpose and no reason to be alive. Alan and Tamara Cornelius want to change that perspective through their Change the World Tour which will have its kick-off event at the Rotary Pavilion at the fairgrounds on Saturday, Aug. 27 at noon.

“We’re here to explain to people that you have a purpose and God will give you a purpose,” said Tamara. “There is so much going on right now, so much violence and depression. God wants all of that to stop.”

Both Alan and Tamara have had near-death experiences and Tamara has had horrific experiences with others who have both harmed and tried to harm her. Both acknowledge that they are here today because God had a plan for their lives all along.

“That’s something else people don’t know,” said Tamara. “God loves us all. I didn’t think God loved me after the things that happened to me, but He did and still does. That’s the message we want to get across to other people.”

Alan is originally from Coshocton County and was a member of the first graduating class of River View High School. He admitted that he has some things in his past that he’s not proud of, but that God has worked through him to make him the person he is today.

“If people approach me about my past, I tell them to look at God,” Alan said. “If He can do this to me, if God can change me and forgive me for all of the stuff I did, He can do it for you too. If you’re still breathing, He can still do it.”

He also said that was one of the reasons he believes God spoke to them about having the kick-off event in Coshocton.

“It comes from the fact that some people remember the old me,” he said. “God made it humbling for me to come back here. There are people here that need the hand of God.”

The couple not only wants to tell people about God’s forgiveness, but that God commands His people to forgive others.

“Holding a grudge doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself,” said Alan. “Forgiveness releases me from that bondage.”

Tamara was able to forgive the ones who did her harm in the past and one of her attackers even gave his life over to Christ because of Tamara’s forgiveness.

“When I heard that he had become a Christian, I just thought it’s amazing what God can do,” she said.

The kick-off event will have free food, clothing, music, prizes, and raffles. The couple, who have been in ministry for nine years, hopes to travel to all 50 states and be a witness for God.

“It’s not about us,” said Tamara. “It’s about Him. We’re just His vessels.”

Alan and Tamara have a non-denominational church in Columbus and want to reach out to those who feel they have no purpose in life.

“We want to see lives changed,” said Tamara. “We want to see people coming out of depression and people following what God wants for them and be the best that God created them to be.”

For more information, see their website at or call 614-203-0920.

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