Killbuck Creek Distillery to appear on November ballot

| October 17, 2017

Why is your business on the ballot?

We are on the ballot so that we will be able to roll our current A3 distilling permit to an A3A permit. The A3 permit allows us to distill and sell only trough the state liquor agency. An A3A permit will allow us to sell up to two bottles per person, per day for consumption off the premises. An A3A permit will also allow us to serve up to four 1/4oz samples to visitors to the distillery. Basically, the A3 permit is meant for large distilleries like Paramount while the A3A permit is designed for the craft distillery.

What voters is this open to?

The liquor option is open to residents of Bethlehem Township.

Why should people vote yes?

I believe people should vote yes because the A3A permit will allow us to operate a little more like the wineries and breweries in the county, where people can come in and taste the products we offer and hear our story. We have a great story and love to share it with our visitors. Of course, this will also assist in us growing the business which will mean more tax dollars going into the community, as well as more jobs that we can create. We are not trying to open a bar or other type of drinking establishment, just trying to get where we can allow visitors to sample the products.

What happens if this does not pass?

If the issue does not pass, we have to wait four more years before we can try to put it on the ballot again. We would continue to operate with our A3 permit and most likely have to consider moving to another location. Being a new product on the shelf, giving people a chance to sample what we offer goes a long way in generating a sale.

Editor’s note: Rob Ashcraft and Larry Turner are the owners of Killbuck Creek Distillery, LLC which is located in the former Randles Cheese building on U.S. 36.

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