Laughter really is the best medicine – and we need a good dose

| February 25, 2021

Have you had a good laugh lately? With the seriousness of the past year and ongoing crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, political turmoil, lack of real face to face social contact and so much more it would seem that the world is ripe for something to pop up on the stage and clamor for some laughs. This is a dose of a different kind.

Enter the slapstick comedy of that cat and mouse from the Warner Brothers – Tom and Jerry. A live action / computer animated film that rolls out to the U.S. this week could provide us with a healthy dose of laughter as we continue to plod through the cold of winter, the continued wearing of masks and all of the other challenges brought forth by the pandemic. And could this be the time that Tom finally gets his “mouse”? Doubt it.

A bit of a break in the weather – above freezing for gosh sakes- brings its own myriad of barriers – slippery driveways and sidewalks, fast flowing rivers and probably, before it’s all over – some flooding. Everyone please be safe and don’t take any unnecessary risks!

The Buckeye men’s basketball team gave a solid effort on Sunday against TTUN but came up a few points short despite a valiant comeback push. With TTUN being ranked number three in the nation and the Buckeyes ranked number four – it had all the trimmings that you would want for a high stakes conference game as we head into March.

Speaking of March – when you pop open your issue of the Feb. 25 Coshocton County Beacon, we are only a scant few weeks away from SPRING – and even more – daylight savings time which begins on Sunday, March 14. With Monday being March 1, I can almost hear the flowers starting to push through the frozen ground. Almost. But I can assure you, as my wonderful spouse would agree – my hearing ain’t what it used to be! So that could be anything from the little people in the center of the earth cooking breakfast or it could be the bison that ran off. Then again, I could be losing more than my hearing.

Let’s continue to take the precautions necessary to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors and friends as we battle our way through the pandemic. As we head into one full year of this virus that not only threatens our health but also our way of living here in America, I think all of us can sense that we are headed to a better place as the year proceeds.

March Madness is coming to a town near you – actually – the 2021 men’s tournament will be played in its entirety in Indianapolis this year due to the pandemic. 68 teams will make the field with 31 automatic bids and 37 at-large bids issued by the NCAA selection committee. Selection Sunday is on March 14. You may recall that last year’s tournament was cancelled so that makes Virginia the defending champion. 2019 was a great tournament and at least some fans will be at the games – with 25% attendance allowed. Have a great week everyone!

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