Leadership Coshocton County completed group project

| April 12, 2018

COSHOCTON – On a chilly Saturday morning, April 7, the Leadership Coshocton County Class of 2018 met at Roscoe Village to complete their group project.  The idea came about after member Ryan McPeek spoke with Chad Miller, Roscoe Village Properties Manager, about the needs of the Village.  Ryan had also visited Roscoe Village with family, and noticed the condition of the brick walkway.

The group completed two projects- one involved removing railroad ties and bricks, about four-deep, along a stretch from the “Wishing Well” in the center of the Village, to the steps leading to the Canal Level by the Roscoe General Store.  The second project involved the demolition and removal of the fence surrounding Eliza’s Garden behind the Dr. Maro Johnson House and replacing it with a new fence.   The labor and some tools were provided by the Leadership Class, while Roscoe Village provided tools and materials for both jobs.

Team “Brick-Layers” was led by participant Jason Thompson, of Grason Properties, accompanied by his son and included classmates Carly Thompson, Les Widder, Chris Wallace, Jami Hammersley, Robin Hire and Mike Finton.  With experienced labor, the Brick-Layers had the old bricks and railroad ties removed; the surface leveled and new bricks and railroad ties secured in place within just a few hours.

Team “Fence-Rebuild”, led by Ryan McPeek, (KOA Campground), had a bit of a harder job.  What at first seemed to be an easy task, led itself to be a much greater challenge than first perceived.  Teammates Kaitlyn Saylor, Jessica Paisley, Shana Miller, Jon Ianniello, Tracy Hennen, Aimee Neighbor and Kecia Buxton worked diligently to remove the old posts, some of which proved to be quite stubborn.  Post holes were then dug; crossbeams leveled, measured and secured and picket fencing added the final touch.

Once Team “Brick-Layers” had completed their task, they joined their classmates at the canal level to assist in the fencing project.  Team “Fence-Rebuild” broke for a delightful lunch at Uncorked, then returned to the task, refreshed and rejuvenated, in the afternoon sunshine that made the remainder of the day go by quickly.  Wrapping up the project, joined by members of Team “Brick-Layers”, the group felt a sense of accomplishment, knowing this project will benefit many community members and visitors alike; leaving a legacy of service yet again by Leadership Coshocton County.

Miller was on site to help oversee the two projects and said, “We didn’t want the leadership project to be just picking up sticks. We wanted it to be something meaningful, that they could look back on and something that we needed done. The fence around Eliza’s Garden has been on the list for a long time and the sidewalk needed some love. Eliza’s Garden, when I look back, it was one of Mrs. Montgomery’s favorites so we’re really happy to have that new fence.”

Roscoe Village Foundation Executive Director Rob Buerglener stated, “Many thanks to you and your volunteers from Leadership Coshocton for your work on Saturday!  All of us here at the Roscoe Village Foundation were thrilled to have you work on the garden and the sidewalk here in Roscoe Village.  We really appreciate the community spirit your volunteers have shown.  Their hard work will be enjoyed by many visitors as the summer season arrives.”

Leadership Coshocton County is a program of the Coshocton Foundations and received funding from the AK Steel Foundation; Willard S. and Helen F. Breon Fund; and individual contributions.

Betsy Gosnell, executive director of Leadership Coshocton County contributed to this article.

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