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Legal Notice

| July 20, 2016

(pursuant to Ohio Rev. Code §5301.56)

1. Lawrence Burns, Jr., deceased, and any unrecorded lease holder(s) in the real property described below.

2. The real property subject to abandonment is described as follows:

Beginning at a point where Township Road #68A intersects the abandoned railroad of the Cleveland, Akron & Cincinnati Railway Company in Section 7 of the Township aforesaid; thence continuing in a Southeasterly direction along said center line of the abandoned railroad for a width of 49 feet on each side of said centerline to a point where the Little Wakatomika Creek crosses underneath said abandoned railroad at a point designated on the right-of-way and track map of the Cleveland, Akron & Cincinnati Railway Company as Bridge #139. It being the intent to convey herein the right of way of said railroad which passes through the property now owned by Glenn Ruffin the Southeast Quarter of Section 7 in Washington Township of Coshocton County, Ohio. The aforesaid tract of land is estimated to contain 2.62 Acres, more or less and is a part of the premises described in a deed from Rebecca Crawford to C.A.&C. R.R. dated December 7, 1890, recorded Vol. 71, Page 214. The above described premises is a part of the premises described in Parcel 6 in a deed from the Connecting Railway to Lawrence Burns, Jr., Trustee, dated April 17, 1958, and recorded in Volume 231, at Page 283, of the Coshocton County Deed Records.

3. The interest that is to be abandoned is all of the mineral interest to the above described premises.

4. Nothing specified in Ohio Rev. Code §5301.56(B)(3) has occurred within the twenty (20) years immediately preceding the date of service of this notice.

5. The owners of the surface lands subject to the mineral interest intend to file in the office of the Coshocton County Recorder an affidavit of abandonment at least thirty (30), but not later than sixty (60) days after the date on which notice is published.
(CCB: Jul 20’16 Notice of Abandonment)

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