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| October 6, 2015

The Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission will cause an election of Supervisors of the Coshocton Soil and Water Conservation District to be held in accordance with Chapter 1515 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Residents or landowners, firms and corporations that own land or occupy land in Coshocton County and are 18 years of age and older may vote for Supervisor. A non-resident landowner, firm or corporation must provide an affidavit of eligibility, which includes designation of a voting representative, prior to casting a ballot.
There are 3 ways an eligible voter can cast a ballot: (1) at the annual meeting, which will take place October 22, 2015 between 6:00-7:00 pm at the Coshocton County Career Center; (2) at the SWCD office until 12:00 noon on October 22, 2015; or (3) vote absentee by requesting the proper absentee request forms from the Coshocton SWCD office, 724 S. 7th Street, Coshocton, OH, (740) 622-8087, Ext. 4.
One (1) Supervisor will be elected. Nominees are: Chuck Ellis, Kelly Miller, and Beth Porteus Mullen.

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