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| April 10, 2018

Request for Proposals Request for Proposals Interim Executive Director –Coshocton Metropolitan Housing Authority The Coshocton Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) Board of Commissioners (Board) is seeking an Interim Executive Director for a six to seven month contract term, or however long it takes to fill a permanent Executive Director position.  We will be reviewing proposals on a rolling basis, and the individual/consultant will be selected promptly.  CMHA is a public housing agency with approximately 131 public housing units and 209 Housing Choice Vouchers and has a 23 units of USDA Rural Development housing.  The agency does not have a separate Director of Finance or its equivalent.  The agency has approximately 12 employees and is subject to requirements of a collective bargaining agreement with the local AFSCME Union.  On August 28, 2017, the Office of Inspector General for HUD and other agencies executed a search warrant on the management facility of CMHA relative to its now former executive director Greg Darr based on a Federal Grand Jury Investigation.  The Board of Commissioners suspended Mr. Darr and then ultimately terminated his employment and appointed the Section 8 Coordinator as Interim Executive Director with the duties and responsibilities as both Executive Director and Section 8 Coordinator.   Approximately, two months later, the Board of Commissioners fired the Interim Executive Director/Section 8 Coordinator but a complaint filed by the Local AFSCME Union led to the reinstatement of the individual but only as Section 8 Coordinator and the appointment of the then acting legal counsel for the Board of Commissioners as an Interim Executive Director who has been serving on an emergency basis since October 21, 2017.  One member of the Board of Commissioners stepped down for conflict reasons as a result of receiving an alleged indirect benefit from payment through a sham Resident Council account created by the former executive director.  Relations between Board Members, the officials who appointed them, and CMHA are not as cohesive as they used to be.  The Federal Grand Jury Investigation is expected to wrap up in the next several months with an indictment of the former executive director Gregory Darr on a myriad of charges including theft and misappropriation of agency funds.  The investigation has also prevented the filing of audited financials by the March 31, 2018 REAC deadline and so the agency will soon be  designated as a troubled housing authority.  The Agency has filed unaudited financials with the Auditor of State (the so-called Hinkle Report which is available upon request).  The agency is under massive corrective instructions from the Cleveland HUD field Office to fix years of non-compliance with the many directives of HUD and federal housing program requirements.  The agency has reinvested very few of its capital funds over the years back into its public housing units and so massive modernization and update challenges are ahead.  The agency and the Board of Commissioners is currently without legal counsel and has been unable to attract any candidates to serve as such in spite of repeated requests for proposals. Scope of work:  The CMHA Board of Commissioners seeks a qualified individual to lead the organization during a critical executive transition period.  The individual must quickly and effectively provide onsite management and ensure that the organization is well-positioned for new executive leadership.  The individual will:  (1)  work directly with staff and the Board (2) consult closely with  the Fee Accounting firm to strengthen the financial stability of the agency, (3) provide supervision of the management team and departmental operations (4) monitor budgets, approve expenditures, directly handle resident complaints onsite, negotiate any necessary agreements with AFSCME, timely develop and file reports with HUD and the Board, and administer all federal funds in strict compliance with every single regulation, rule, or promulgation issued by HUD, its affiliates, the State of Ohio and local government entities.
Successful Interim Executive Director must have: (1)  a Bachelor’s Degree and  (2) experience in either public housing or some real estate related profession and (3) excellent written and oral communication skills (4) available for consultation by staff on a 24 hour basis and (5)  30-40 hours per week with the majority of all working hours done onsite but with allowance for telecommuting possibilities for a few hours each week but only in strict compliance with HUD telecommuting policies. Compensation and benefits:  The current Interim Executive Director is paid hourly for 40 hours per week at the rate of $20.56 per hour with health insurance coverage (90% of which is paid by the agency) and OPERS contributions as mandated by law.  Pay will be commiserate with experience and is subject to negotiation.
Proposals should include the following:  Summary of your qualifications or resume, including any experience with PHA’s. If applicable and must include the earliest possible date on which you could assume the position.
Proposals will be reviewed as they are received.  Please direct inquiries or send your proposal to:  Coshocton Metropolitan Housing Authority, c/o Board President Crystol Weidger, 823 Magnolia Street, Coshocton, Ohio 43812.  Questions must only be directed to the Board President who can be contacted through the Agency at 740-622-6300.  CCB: Apr 11,18’18

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