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Liberty Church youth host youth event

| August 29, 2017

WARSAW – Last Saturday, Aug. 26, the remnant youth ministry hosted a youth event at the Warsaw Community Park. Remnant Youth is the youth ministry of Liberty Church in Coshocton.

Youth of the area gathered together to play sports, worship the Lord, and listen to challenging messages from local youth ministers Hunter Hamilton, Caleb Loos, and Malachi Loos.

Live praise music was performed by Jon and Kim Foster and Garrett Fabian.

“Remnant Youth’s slogan is ‘We Remain’,” said Pastor Andy Loos. “The truth is that there are only a few Christians that remain in this current youth generation. You may be surprised to know that many of today’s youth have no idea of who Jesus is nor have they experienced His miraculous power. Much of this generation is without God and without hope in this world. It is God’s desire and therefore the desire of our youth ministry to bring hope to the youth of Coshocton with the truth of God’s word and the demonstration of His mighty power. With all of the pressures that face this generation, many of our youth have turned to substance abuse, self-harm, and unhealthy relationships. Often they are overwhelmed by emotions and don’t have the capacity to show restraint in their interactions and attitudes. Remnant Youth Ministry is here to help direct these youth to the answer. They will find Jesus Christ is the one who will break the chains of these addictions and give them the strength to live victorious lives.”

“We meet every Monday from 6 – 8 p.m. at Liberty Church,” said Malachi. “We want to train a generation to stay steadfast in the never failing love of God, and through that see an awakening sweep this nation. Hold The Field was just the beginning. I saw our leaders and the youth take steps of growth as they allowed God to move through them. I believe we are going to see even more works of God in the days to come.”

It was such a beautiful day.

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