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| October 11, 2016

Managers Note

Good morning, local foodies!
Fall is here! The leaves are changing and the air is crisp!

Apple pie and pumpkin are here! Stop by to get one before they’re gone. But no worries, if we are out we can call the baker to special order you one.

Winter Squash Soup Classes
Instructor: Lady of the Veggies
When: Friday, Oct. 28
Time: 6 p.m.
Where: Local Bounty
We still have a few seats available!  Call us to reserve a seat.

Thank you for your support!
Have a fantastic week!

Best thoughts,


Vendor Updates



Strawberry Hill Farm

The big news at the farm right now is that we are grandparents of our third grandson. Ansel Owen was born on September 30. He is the son of our daughter Katie and Brandon Kurtz, and little brother of Oliver, who is 2 years old. The baby came almost 3 weeks early, so his arrival caused some excitement! Mary was out in Indiana to help for the past week, but now is back to help on the farm. This week we’ve restocked our pastured eggs and kale. We’re also bringing sweet peppers, and our strawberry jam is always available.



Lou’s Amish Baked Goods


Since it’s tis the season for all delicious fall foods, Lou’s Amish Baked Goods will bring you more Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and also her top selling sugar cookies!
In addition, I will also have the melt-in-your-mouth Carmel Apple Pecan Coffee Cake available!!!



Bob’s Pickle Patch/ Verda’s Hens


Today we planted about half of our garlic for next year. It is one of the easiest plants you can grow. We plant the cloves in October, any time before Halloween. They get covered with chopped leaves about five or six inches thick. That’s really all we have to do except for watering now because it has been so dry. In June we will break the scapes off, then pull or dig up the bulbs after the leaves turn brown. Nothing too hard about that. Another plus with garlic is that most garden pests, big or small, do not like to eat garlic, so they leave it all for us. Speaking of eating garlic, try roasting it in a 400 degree oven with a little olive oil and sea salt. You don’t even have to peal the cloves. Just break up the bulb into the individual cloves. We like it roasted with some sliced onions, also sprinkled with olive oil and salt. When the onions start to brown (black for me), then everything is done. The garlic will pop out of the wrapper when you squeeze it. Yummy!

Thanks for shopping at Local Bounty.

The McGraws



Our Garden


Our Garden has harvested lots of potatoes and sweet potatoes. They come in many colors that will look great in dishes you roast, prepare potatoes salad, and deep fry as French fries. Who doesn’t like to see red, white and blue! Check out the cooler section we have restocked white and red beets. Kale, Brussels sprouts, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, and cabbage are back for limited time.


Thanks for supporting Our Garden at Local Bounty!

The Snyder’s



Flying Pig Farm


This week we do have chicken! Our processor took longer than they thought they would but it’s finally here. Our chicken is an heirloom breed, pastured free range style and supplemented with non-GMO feed. We cooked breasts and thighs on the fire this weekend and it was so flavorful! If you want backs to make nutritious broth, we can supply a 5lb bag.



Mullet Apiaries


Have you seen those tiny lavender and white flowers along the roadside and in fields? Those are fall asters and they are an important source of food in the fall for honeybees. You often see them mixed in with goldenrod, another important source of food this time of year. If you have a fallow field that you are not required to cut, or maybe road frontage with some of these flowers, don’t mow it! It could help the bees survive the winter by providing this last bit of pollen and nectar. Buying fall kale from our Local Bounty producers? Try the juice of a lemon, some honey, and a tiny bit of light olive oil or canola oil as a light dressing to brighten the flavor of the kale. We always appreciate your business.


Loveridge House Brand


Good morning everyone,
What a beautiful weekend we just enjoyed and look forward to all the beauty that the coming weeks in October will bring.
We have peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, and smoky almond butter waiting for you to enjoy. I eat our peanut butter every morning on an English muffin and sometimes add fresh honey to make the experience even better. These butters have nothing added to them, they are just the ground nuts. And they all have the good monounsaturated fats making them a very healthy snack.
Hurry over to Local Bounty to purchase not only nut butters but fall vegetables, apples, and many other healthy items. Thank you for you patronage.
Tom and Susie Fish



As always thank you for your support



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