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| February 21, 2017

We are happy to have Buckeye Country Creamery and Running Man Ghee a part of our slow food market!

Vegetable update:

We still have fresh spinach and kale from Circle the Sun Farm, along with butternut squash and potatoes. (Limited supplies)

We also have sauerkraut and fermented pickles from Wholesome Valley Farm.

Sampling :

We will have Buckeye Country Creamery drinkable yogurts and flavored milks. So when you’re in doing your weekly shopping ask for a sample.

Class: Running Man Ghee

Come join us to learn about ghee and taste it 3 ways with Gabe Rainwater.

When : March 23rd (Thursday )

Where : Local Bounty

Time : 6:00pm

Cost: $10

You will walk away with ghee knowledge, a jar of ghee, and a happy belly.

If you are interested in signing up please contact us through Facebook, phone or email.

Thank you for your support!

Best thoughts,


Mullet Apiaries

– With the unusually warm weather for February and not much bloom out there (a crocus or two, skunk cabbage maybe) the honey bees are out and looking for pollen. Bees mix pollen with honey to make “bee bread”, a source of protein, which they feed to immature bees. So you may see honey bees on your bird feeders and on cattle and livestock feeders. They may even buzz your head, but don’t worry, they are just looking for pollen and when they realize you aren’t a source, they will rapidly move on. Our shelves are restocked and waiting for you to enjoy our delicious honey. Thank you for your investment in Mullet Apiaries and in Local Bounty. We appreciate you!

Flying Pig Farm

We’re taking advantage of this nice weather to get things ready for spring. Adding our own homemade compost to our raised beds ensures that we fertilize without chemicals…and without buying expensive organic products that aren’t always as organic as you’d think. We’re excited to see our garlic, cool weather greens and lettuce taking off! We also have lots of bulbs sprouting that I’m a little concerned about. It’s bound to get cold again and there’s no way to cover that much flower bed. Lol We’ll have to wait and see! Enjoy the weather and thanks for shopping local.

Keene Creek Farm

As promised, we’ve got a full selection of cuts available again this week. We made a butcher shop run on Saturday and brought back little breakfast sausage links, naked pork chops, cheese brats, bacon, and salt, pepper, sage bulk sausage. We’ve also restocked ham loaf and garlic and butter marinated pork chops. Last week we made a meal for a family that recently welcomed a new baby. I just defrosted a pack of ham loaf, formed it into meatballs, baked them off and smothered them in BBQ sauce. It’s such a quick and delicious main dish for busy week nights – or to whip up to share with someone else. 🙂 We will have more beer brats and Stan’s Blend bulk sausage soon too. Of course, we will keep you posted…!

Strawberry Hill Farm

Wow, a whole week of warm weather in February! It’s pleasant, but is making us kind of nervous at the farm. It’s too early for trees to be blooming! This week we’re bringing more oatmeal bread and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies to the store. We’ve restocked strawberry jam as well, and there are plenty of eggs too. With warm weather, people are out and about more, and eggs make a super-easy, nutritious and tasty meal—any time of day.

Bob’s Pickle Patch/ Verda’s Hens

We will have eggs and sourdough bread at Local Bounty this week.  We appreciate all of our customers.  Thank you for shopping local.

As always, thanks for your support.

The Local Bounty Producers


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