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| May 2, 2017

Good morning Local Foodies!


Rainbows are people whose lives are bright, shining examples for others.

-May Angelou

(One of my favorite quotes)


With all this rain I still have not seen a rainbow. If you have seen one and took a pic of it recently please send it to email to be printed and displayed at the market.


New at the Market:


Kempf Acres

Green garlic

Verda and Bob

Whole wheat bread .This will be in stock Thursday.


Class reschedule for cooking with essential oils with Brenda Berry.

New time is May 17th at 6 p.m. We still have a few seats available. Please call the market to reserve a seat. Cost is $10.

The raffle fundraiser tickets are selling fast. If you have already purchased a ticket please give me a call. We need to check something on your stub. You can only purchase tickets at Local Bounty or Five Point Chiropractic Center.

Have a fantastic week!

Thank you for your support!

Best thoughts,



Mullet Apiaries – Did you know that beeswax is great for keeping drawers pulling smoothly and for making sure zippers zip unimpeded? Here’s a history bite: only candles made from beeswax are used during Mass in the Catholic Church. In the church’s tradition, the wax made by bees from the flowers symbolizes the pure flesh of Christ. Beeswax candles do not smoke (as opposed to tallow or oil) and therefore, were probably a more practical choice as well in the often damp, stuffy medieval churches. We have beeswax in both large and small blocks, as well as our golden honey on our shelf at Local Bounty. Stop by and see Kristie and Quinn and pick some up. As always, thanks for your business!


Bob’s Pickle Patch/ Verda’s Hens

The Americana mamas have hatched three baby chicks. I put them (chicks and mama hens) in a smaller house all by themselves. They are spending a bit more time running around away from mama, but they don’t go far. They are still small enough to hop on the hen’s back and go for a ride. Very cute.

We will have fresh eggs and sourdough bread at Local Bounty on Thursday. Thanks for shopping at Local Bounty. We appreciated your support.

The McGraw’s


Glass Rooster Cannery

We have a nice article in the latest issue of Salt magazine.   http://thesaltmagazine.com/featuredstories/4621/glass-rooster-cannery-near-sunbury-teaches-food-preservation

Local Bounty Coshocton, Inc.
22951 S.R. 83 N. Coshocton, OH 43812
740-622-1400 – We’re also on Facebook!


Store Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Coshocton’s only year-round farmers market.”

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