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| December 11, 2014

Flying Pig Farm

We have samples of Pumpkin and Zucchini Bread this week. We’ve also made a bag each of Cranberry Almond and Blueberry Almond Granola. Red Raspberry Jam has been restocked! Check out our affordable gift packages…all under $10! Dry rub mixes and hickory chips pair well with any of the meats at Local Bounty. Bread Mix and Applebutter, Bread Mix and Soup or our Rice Mix Samplers are nourishing and will warm you up. A trio of jams comes packaged with serving suggestions on the tag. Fire starters make great stocking stuffers. We’ve gathered fresh pine and made swags for your Winter decorating! Check them out on the front of the building. We hope you’re having a blessed Holiday Season and thank you for shopping local.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, to shop local!  I will have French Boule and Rustic Baguettes in the store today, look for Focaccia tomorrow.  All of my tea blends will also be restocked, they make a great gift, even for yourself 🙂  Try my White Winter Chai with a splash of Pink Elephant’s coffee, it is nice!

Keene Creek Farm

Are you pork lovers ready for something new? This week we will have petite boneless pork loin roasts in our freezer. They’re almost too cute to eat – and the perfect size for two or three people. We also had the butcher shop make up some peppery blend sausage. It makes some mean sausage gravy. We are also restocking bacon, ham loaf, and breakfast patties (have you tried them with pure maple syrup drizzled on top – wow). We are also freshening up our market stall products. Pizza mixes. Trail mix. Bar stool pretzels, etc

Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters

We’re all stocked up on coffee at Local Bounty, with four options for the holidays: Colombia Excelso Huila, Fair Trade Organic Mexican Decaf, Costa Rica La Trinidad, and Tanzania Peaberry.  Coffee is the gift that keeps on giving. It makes a great stocking stuffer, hostess gift and looks great under the tree, especially when paired with one of our American-made Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters t-shirts. The shirts are available at Local Bounty for the holiday season. Show your coffee pride and look good doing it!

Strawberry Hill Farm

The gardens are mostly asleep under their cover crop blankets, but our kale row is still producing—more slowly, but still going. Kale is actually sweeter after frost. Ron delivered kale, eggs, and shortbread to the store, so they’ll be available at opening time today. If you’d like to serve Mary’s shortbread to your Christmas guests, you can order ahead. Just give her a call at (740) 545-7828. Or buy shortbread now and put it in your freezer for the holidays. It freezes well
Windy Hill Farm

This week everything’s elementary at Windy Hill Berry Farm, such as in ABC – Applesauce-Cinnamon ornaments, Blueberry-Banana muffins and Chocolate (White Chocolate) Party Mix. The applesauce-cinnamon ornaments can hang on a tree (or wreath) or over the edge of a stocking, but also make cute tie-ons for presents, gift baskets, or wine bottles. The muffins are giant-sized and delicious warmed in a microwave with real butter spread on them. The “White Trash” party mix comes in holiday bags and will stay fresh until after Christmas. (You can even peel off my label and claim you made it yourself.) Pop into our little store and check it out. There’s more inside than you can imagine!

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