Local Bounty Update

| January 15, 2015

Good Morning,
Stop by and see us today and tomorrow 10-6, Sat. 9-1.

Vendor Updates:

Have you tried my new Green Tea?  Green and Black Tea both come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, the difference comes from their processing.  Green tea is steamed or pan fried to retain its green color while black tea is crushed and rolled allowing oxidation to occur, causing its darker color.  Both are rich in antioxidants!  I will not have bread today but stop in tomorrow for  my French Boule and Rustic Baguettes!

Keene Creek Farm
Comfort food season is in full swing. And, we’re ready for it. Grab some ham loaf (for the easiest meat dish you’ll ever make), a ham hock (for some amazing soup beans), or a roast to toss into the slow cooker. We also restocked ham steaks for the winter. They are a perfect addition to a pot of potato soup or a dutch oven of green beans and potatoes. Our supply of brats (mild Italian especially) is dwindling quickly, but we will have more soon. Remember the piggies we farrowed back in August? Well, the biggest ones of the litter are almost ready for butcher. They grow crazy fast. Lastly, if you haven’t been to English Ivy lately, please stop in for lunch. Dave and Jeannette have traded the processed deli ham on their sandwiches with our old-fashioned, smokehouse ham. Mmmm.

Mullet Apiaries
As you can guess, there is no beekeeping going on outside, so we are catching up on educating ourselves further and building hive equipment. Our shelves are restocked with all your favorites. Here’s an idea: if you like a nice hot breakfast of oatmeal and use sugar on it, try our Cinnamon Creamed Honey instead. Yum!   If anyone is interested in learning more about beekeeping, applications for the 2015 Coshocton Beekeepers Association beginner beekeeping class (starting February 21st) are available on our shelf. As always, thank you for your business.

Strawberry Hill Farm
Last chance for kale from our farm! Ron brought in the last of the kale, harvested before the latest deep freeze. There will be no more at Local Bounty until possibly the spring (if some plants survive this winter). In addition to the kale, we also have our cage-free brown eggs for sale, fresh from our young chickens who started laying in December

Windy Hill Farm
NEW – Chocolate Covered Potato Chips…you can’t eat just one. The chocolate was “hand painted” onto each chip individually. Next week look for Chocolate-Peanut Butter covered chips.  We also made a fresh batch of White Trash for everyone!

We thank you kindly!
— Local Bounty Vendors

Local Bounty Coshocton, Inc.
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740-622-1400 – We’re also on facebook!

Store Hours:
Thursdays: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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