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Local sewers filling a need for face masks

| March 26, 2020

All it took was one phone call to get the ball rolling on a local effort to make face masks for local agencies. Rose of Sharon co-owner, Vickie Davis, said she got a call from a lady who was near tears because she needed face masks where she worked and asked if there was any way Davis could make them for her.

“My nephew needs them for work, too,” said Davis. She began calling local quilters and the word has spread. “But, we need to get the word out farther. The need for these is huge. These are not N95 masks – these are just used as another barrier between home care workers and the people they are helping.”

“It takes time to get started because you have to gather materials and find a pattern,” said Davis. She said any material can be used for the masks, but you need three layers of material and a lining, which could be flannel or interfacing. They are having trouble finding elastic, so she urges people to get creative with using headbands or ties. Davis said there are many patterns on the internet for this type of mask and urges everyone to choose a pattern they can sew.

“Anybody with a machine can help. I even had a 92-year-old lady call and ask what she can make,” said Davis.

Finished masks can be dropped off at Mercantile on Main from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day. “Denise has a foyer and we have a sanitary place for you to drop off your masks. There are wipes there, too. Agencies are already coming to pick up the masks.” These agencies include Interim Health, RHDD, CCBDD and others. The people who work for these agencies provide health services for clients in their homes and this is another safety measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. They are also being used by Coshocton Regional Medical Center as patient masks.

Anyone who wants to help is welcome. However, due to the virus being a respiratory one, please be mindful that the material used is clean, as people may have pet allergies or problems with secondhand smoke.

“I truly believe this project is going to take off,” said Davis. She said that in just a few days about 50 masks were made, so the more people who can make masks, the more people who will be helped. You can also check the Rose of Sharon Facebook page for more information.

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