Local wedding coordinator offers planning advice, shares wedding trends

| February 28, 2018

COSHOCTON – Donovan Rice can help you with everything on your wedding day from helping you decorate to coordinating all the little details.

“My first wedding was my mom’s,” said the owner of Donovan Charles Interiors. “I was always good at setting up for parties and planning the details so my mom asked me to do her wedding and I stuck with it. I just got to do my brother’s too.”

He can do everything from simply ordering your linens to setting up and tearing down your event to being your right hand man for the day.

“I’ve had brides ask me to coordinate their walk to music to helping them make sure the day goes smooth,” Rice said. “Brides don’t want their families to have to worry about anything. I’ve been told not to let grandma lift a finger.”

Rice started coordinating weddings in 2013 and is always looking to see what is trending with brides and grooms.

“Last year gold was in, but I think that is going to be gone this year,” he said. “It’s going to be silver, maybe a little antiqued and some chrome. Pastel colors will be in too. Lilacs and pale pinks will pair well with silver.”

Many couples will strive for an eloquent affair.

“We are headed to the return of formal with a lot more details,” Rice said. “Young brides are going all out.”

Some of the little details he’s seen couples put a lot of thought into are party favors.

“They want to make their guests feel special and make them a little more personable,” Rice said. “Linens also are a huge priority, especially if the caterer doesn’t provide them. People want to know about their (the table cloth) lengths. Are they going all the way to the ground or are they going to be half way up?”

As for themes, he believes the rustic look will continue to be popular in 2018 especially in the Coshocton area.

“Everyone seems to love the barn feel even if they can’t get married in one,” Rice said. “This June I’m doing a rustic themed wedding, but it’s at a winery.”

Sometimes though people get quite unique with their themes.

“Last year I did a Star Wars themed wedding, which was really fun,” Rice said. “They wanted a creative food display and I think that is another thing that will continue with weddings.”

Couples also will continue to provide entertainment for their guests.

“Photo booths, karaoke and dance numbers are still in,” Rice said. “Photo booths definitely won’t be going anywhere for a long time. People have so much fun with them and they are a time filler.”

Another reception trend is pies and cupcakes replacing cakes.

“That is really trending with young people because I think they are realizing you never really eat all of the cake,” Rice said.

If people choose to use a wedding coordinator for their special day, Rice suggests you meet with one at least a year in advance.

“At least get in touch with one of them and come in with your colors,” he said. “If you don’t have a theme in mind, at least come in open minded.”

The actual planning might not start until five or six months before your event, but it’s helpful to have a good estimate of how many guests you are inviting when you first meet your coordinator.

“People want a budget, but I can’t plan for imaginary guests,” Rice said.

When budgeting for a consultant, he suggests planning for at least $1,000. He personally charges $150 for a consultation, which includes designing and presenting a plan, and $30 an hour after that.

Editor’s note: For more local wedding planning resources, click here.

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