Majors John and Tricia Cornelius to move to New Jersey

| May 16, 2013

JohnCOSHOCTON – After making Coshocton their home for the last six years, Captains John and Tricia Cornelius of the Coshocton Salvation Army will have their last Sunday service in Coshocton on June 23 and will be continuing their ministry in Newark, New Jersey.

“We’ve loved every minute of being in Coshocton,” said Cornelius. “People here surrounded us with love and support. Everything we’ve done here has been supported by the community.”

Cornelius and his wife will be crossing over into uncharted territory in the Adult Rehabilitation Command Center Training where they will help transform lives of individuals who suffer from drug and / or alcohol abuse. The ARC program is faith-based and work-based where individuals use a 12-step recovery in the Life Recovery Bible. Participants must attend Bible study and worship services where they will learn to live independently without the crutch of drugs and alcohol. The training for John and Tricia can take up to a year and then they will be moved into an ARC facility in close proximity to their training program.

Cornelius said that, although he believes New Jersey is where the Lord wants him and his wife to be at this time in their lives, he will miss the people and community of Coshocton greatly.

“It never ceases to amaze me how good God is and how the people here respond and stand up to help support everything,” said Cornelius. “We’ll always carry the people in our hearts wherever we go. The people of Coshocton will always be with us.”

New Jersey isn’t completely unfamiliar territory to John and Tricia as they both did ministry in Newark, NJ when they attended seminary, and there will be a couple familiar faces to greet them when they arrive on June 26.

“We don’t know a lot of people there, but we know God will be there,” said Cornelius.

When Cornelius reflects on his time in Coshocton, he recalls that so many wonderful things and blessings have happened in Coshocton County. To the person who received a little extra help with paying rent to the person who accepted Jesus for the first time, Cornelius and his wife will treasure all of these memories for years to come.

“Everything we have done here is a reflection of the community,” said Cornelius. “We give all the glory to God,”

After John and Tricia move to New Jersey, Majors Steven and Hermas Pearl will be taking over this charge in Coshocton. Cornelius has every belief that God will work through them and that Coshocton will embrace them with open arms and hearts.

“We know the people coming will be able to pick up and go in so many directions here in Coshocton County,” said Cornelius. “They will find that Coshocton is an incredible community. It’s going to be an experience they maybe haven’t had in a very long time.”

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