Mark’s Musings – April 11, 2012

| April 11, 2012

Well, I saw a few sprinkles of rain on Easter Sunday as we drove toward home from Coshocton. Nary a few, I said. Does this qualify for raining on Easter Sunday and thus, seven more Sundays of rain? (Or is it six?) My Grandma Fortune frequently told me about this commonly known “old wives’ tale” as it were. I am actually more intrigued by where the phrase “old wives’ tale” came from than the seven (or six) consecutive Sundays of rain. And there is another one common to this time of year – “it typically snows three times after the forsythia bloom”. Not gonna happen this year. Of course, a lot of things are different about the weather this year. And other things as well.

Of course, you would know that the team we love to hate, The Cleveland Indians, would lose the opening day game – a game that set the record for the longest major league season opening day game. Let’s hope this does not set the tone for the entire year but something tells me it just might. Time will tell.

We held our annual “hit the hard-boiled Easter egg with a golf club” contest with the family during our Easter gathering. Lots of good food, fellowship and splattered egg yolks. It gives the meaning of “slice” a whole new dimension. Those guys at Augusta had nothing over on us!

Main Street seems different without Peebles. Not quite sure how, it just does. I am confident that this store has a purpose to serve our community.

Are you ready for the Utica shale influx? If you own a small business, it is time to start thinking about the potential large numbers of workers that could soon grace our community. Restaurants, barbers, mechanics, medical, financial and many more similar businesses could realize gains if they plan, prepare and promote their services to the crews that will arrive in our community. This is, of course, based on a successful test well. There is no reason to believe that it will not be successful – be prepared is the best axiom.

It’s garage and yard sale time once again and The Beacon stands ready to serve your needs. Our price is quite reasonable and you can reminisce about Workman’s Restaurant if you were a visitor to that establishment. Our office is, of course, located in the former Workman’s Restaurant next to Wilson’s Carpet & Furniture in the wonderful 200 block of Main Street. We don’t have any pie (for sale) and the coffee is pretty much for ourselves but if you are really desperate we can scare you up a cup. We’ll just tack it on to the cost of your garage/yard sale. Just kidding. If you’re thinking of having a garage or yard sale, give Nicole a call at 740-622-4237 or just come to our office at 226 Main St.

As we prepare to begin our fifth year of continuously publishing The Coshocton County Beacon next month, and celebrate our fourth anniversary, let’s take a moment to say thanks to this community for your wonderful support of The Beacon. Thank you.

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