Mark’s Musings – April 13, 2016

| April 13, 2016

Rain, rain go away. Mark wants to mow the yard, spread some mulch, and think about the garden getting plowed and all of those other spring time projects that pop up on the list like unwanted weeds. Are you kidding? I’m not ready for that stuff yet. Winter is barely over and some overly enthusiastic folks have already mowed their yard, spread mulch, have onion sets in, picked some dandelions for their wine (what, you don’t do that?) and are just plain acting like over eager beavers here.

That makes me think of trees – our apple trees in particular – and will they enjoy having their tender little branches consumed by those pesky four legged things that can jump really high (over our standard fence). Was winter really that unbearable when I start thinking about all of this outside work? Of course it was. Regardless of the amount of snow and ice – winter is still winter.

It’s time to clear off the mower, inflate the low tire, check the blades (no, I did not get that done this week or weekend), throw in some fresh gas and turn the key. Then hope for the best. Once it’s warmed up and idling smoothly (which it does not anymore) it’s time to turn it over to the worker bee. “Hey hon, the mower is ready!” That’s how you do that. The best part is that she enjoys it. Good for me.

Okay, my tail is tucked between my legs – so I picked North Carolina to win – I didn’t think Villanova was that good – and I still think that Carolina takes the best two out of three. If they only did that.

Let’s shift our attention to the Masters. All of this talk about mowing the grass has caused me to think about the beautifully coiffed fairways and greens at Augusta. It was quite a lovely scene since the forsythia is pretty much gone here in our community. When I started watching Jordan Spieth had a five shot lead and then came all of his trouble at 12. I’ve done that a few times around some local courses. I thought that the young man held his composure well after the tournament and you can rest assured that he will return to the winners circle sometime soon.

Oh yeh. Speaking of the forsythia – I would say the current score is – Forsythia 2.5, Humans that doubt the forsythia myth – 0. I don’t know about you, but we had snow over the weekend. It didn’t last long but . . . that’s not part of the rules. I am only counting the one occurrence of snow as a half. The other snow we had counts as a single unit. My game, my rules as they say.

Is there a point where we can just tune out all of this political noise? I’m not sure. It would be nice.

Locally, there is a lot going on. Awards ceremonies, dinners, proms, spring sporting events (when they get them in), musicals and plays, and then comes graduation for another class of seniors.


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