Mark’s Musings – April 16, 2014

| April 15, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

I happened to be following someone I know this week and couldn’t help but notice a bumper sticker – well, actually it was a small orange sticker on the hatch of their vehicle. It said, “Wag more, bark less”.

That little sticker says a lot in just four words. Now, it could just be a label that dog lovers use – but the meaning can certainly be expressed in much greater terms. Wagging typically represents happiness, fondness, love and affection. Words that could identify with being positive or as having a positive attitude. Look, I didn’t take the time to browse Webster and do not want to wax poetic or look at the thesaurus. TMI – or too much information.

But let’s delve a little deeper into the four words. Let’s focus on the “bark less” portion of this. Yes, we have a dog and have for most of our married life – and I had several dogs growing up on the farm – so I understand that a bark does not always represent something negative. A bark can also be an indication of happiness or affection. But it can also be annoying whereby one would be hard pressed to identify a wagging tail as an annoyance. Far from it.

As we look around our community it could be easy to identify points of “barking”. Streets that are in great need of repair – and city residents will have the opportunity to vote in the May primary to help fund the street levy campaign. There will be more on that later in the month.

You could look at empty storefronts and perhaps focus on recent business closures. There is “bark” that could remove the focus on the “wag”.

So let’s focus on the “wag”. Robert and Renee Guilliams of Raven’s Glenn Winery and Italian Restaurant were awarded with the prestigious 2014 Coshoctonian Award at the Chamber of Commerce annual dinner this past Friday evening. A couple that has done much for our community, owning several businesses throughout their lives. Now they own and operate a business that is on the map. A business that employs local people, provides entertainment and is a tourism destination throughout the Midwest. Right here in our very own backyard.

Three other awards were meted out Friday night; Megan Philabaum as the Coshocton County Employee of the Year, Tammy Hess as the Young Leader of the Year and Dean’s Jewelry as the Small Business of the Year. You may or may not know any of these folks but they are all gems in their own right. Our community is blessed to have all of these people in our midst.

This past weekend – and the next few – are truly highlights in our community. Opportunities to volunteer, see local businesses in action, celebrate proms, get involved with 4-H, scouting and other outdoor venues, take in a play or performance – they are all present. It’s time to get out of the house.

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