Mark’s Musings – April 25, 2018

| April 24, 2018

Mark Fortune

Well, it appears that spring – perhaps – perhaps – has finally sprung! We are all ready for some warmer weather, the singing of birds, green grass, flowers and leaves on the trees. We all know that this also brings the inevitable bugs and insects but after such a long wait for spring, bring ‘em on!

The crews working on the State Route 541 guardrail replacement and the Three Rivers Bridge project do not have the luxury of waiting on nice weather or sunshine, moving forward like the postal service regardless of the weather. Thank you to these men and women that spend time away from their families so that we can drive on smooth, safe roads and bridges.

Sometimes this column is devoted to the success of local sports teams or individuals or even on the college or professional level. Can the Cavs even get past the first round this year? Like that.

But sometimes we should shed light on the many students that are involved in the music and the arts. Many of these youngsters are indeed, participating in athletics and band, music or the arts. Spring brings many opportunities to watch area students in action – whether it is a high school musical, choir performance, display of art or band.

For many youngsters the music and arts programs that our schools offer gives them an opportunity to express themselves on the stage, with a brush or an instrument that otherwise would not exist. These programs are important and need to exist at the elementary education level in addition to the middle school and high school grades.

Administrators and school boards certainly know the value of these programs and work hard to balance budgets and staff to ensure that they exist. The educators that lead these programs do so with a passion and gift that they pass along to our young men and women hoping that something will ignite within them to pursue their dream and take it to the next level.

One such young man in our community that found his passion is Cole Fisher of Coshocton High School who has been accepted by the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, California. Yes, that is a very prestigious school of the performing arts. Cole expressed his gratitude to the music program, Mr. Mike Blowers and others at the Coshocton City Schools Choral Department presentation of “American Crossroads” on Sunday, April 22 at McKinley Auditorium. It was also announced that Mr. Blowers will be retiring and many of the choir members took the microphone to thank him and wish him well in an emotional sendoff.

Our coaches, band and music directors and all those involved in the educational field serve in these jobs with a passion for teaching our young people. I don’t think that our schools can afford to pay coaches for the true amount of time they invest each season. I imagine this is also true for the music and arts programs that tend to take the extra hours to produce a show or performance of value. Thank you to all of these people in our community. They number in the hundreds and we appreciate your investment in our leaders of tomorrow.

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