Mark’s Musings – April 4, 2012

| April 4, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Okay, what happened? Our Buckeyes were supposed to play in the national championship game. Alas, a lackluster performance in the second half derailed that possibility. I also think that the Buckeyes were outcoached at halftime; Bill Self is a great and talented coach. Yes, the Buckeyes Thad Matta is as well, but something certainly happened at halftime. The third quarter is where most basketball games are won or lost, Dad always said. And I think that “Pinky” of Roscoe Tigers fame knows a bit about hoops.

Speaking of that, you can read a little about “Pinky” in this week’s issue of The Beacon. Since we started publishing The Coshocton County Beacon in 2008 – Volume One, Number One of The Coshocton County Beacon hit the streets on Wednesday, May 1, 2008 – many people have asked about a story on my Dad. Well, here it is. Hope it does him justice.

The Beacon will begin our fifth year of publishing on May 2, 2012 with Volume Five, Number One. It is hard to believe that we have been continuously publishing this newspaper for four years. “Where does the time go when you’re having fun?” the old saying goes. I would suggest that these four years have flown by, and even more so when your son will graduate from high school this year. It seems that the time has gone by even that much more quickly. For those that have had that experience, (as we have) the emotional highs and lows are seemingly never ending as your youngster, who just a few short years ago was bouncing on your knee, decides on which college to attend, career to pursue, military options or focusing on a job. The options are indeed many for our youth.

Not so much for many of these youngsters’ parents. As I heard someone slightly older than I on Saturday quip, “Who’s going to hire me at my age?” Exactly. This is what I do, and the newspaper and advertising business is truly the only career I have ever had besides a short stint at Clow and a somewhat longer – although still short – stint at SanCast. I met some wonderful people at both places and still chuckle when I think of the gaffs we pulled (I can say this, I no longer work at either place) on each other – things that would get you dismissed today – or at the very least, written up.

I think the world needs to lighten up a bit. Get a sense of humor again. Everything today is too serious, “you can’t say this, you can’t do that”, or else. Get a grip people. We Americans are a tad too serious about it all – most of us work too hard and don’t take enough vacation. Been to Europe lately?

Now, don’t go all rogue on me here. I realize that there are just some things you don’t do. You don’t talk about religion or politics with customers or perhaps even co-workers. Maybe we should.

As for me, this week will be one of reflection and soul searching. Let us remember what this week represents. It is both serious and joyful. It is supposed to be.

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