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Mark’s Musings – April 4, 2017

| April 4, 2017
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune







Who thought that there was any women’s basketball team that could beat UConn? Maybe ever. Everyone pretty much expected them to roll to another title this year. Apparently, no one told the ladies from Mississippi State. Despite a heroic effort from the Bulldogs in the NCAA National semi-final game where they knocked off UConn with a buzzer beater in overtime, thus ending a 111 consecutive win streak for the Lady Huskies, they came up short against South Carolina in the championship game on Sunday, by a score of 67-55.

Any predictions on the men’s winner? (Yes, this is Monday) I am picking the Tarheels of North Carolina who fell just short last year against Villanova in the championship game with an improbable last second shot by the Wildcats. There have been a few of those in the tournament this year. I think the ‘Heels are just too big and too talented and too experienced for the ‘Zags who are making their first ever appearance in the Final Four and of course, the championship game.

Work will begin in 2018 on the Three Rivers Bridge and continue into 2019 by the State of Ohio Department of Transportation. As part of this, a portion of South Whitewoman Street will be closed by the Marathon Station at a future date. City Council passed a resolution at their meeting on March 27 based on a petition that came from ODOT. You can read more about this in this week’s edition of The Beacon. We will continue to keep the community updated.

Who enjoys watching The Masters golf tournament? Easily considered one of the premier sporting events on the calendar, the prestige of winning the coveted green jacket ranks among the top prizes in the sporting world. The beauty of the course and the greens is inspiring. It inspires me to start working on the lawn. I am not sure that I would even classify our yard as a “lawn”. A yard maybe, an often mowed field that just happens to grow grass, dandelions and weeds with some landscaping thrown in for good measure is perhaps a better descriptor.

I sometimes – but not very often – glance at a column from the prior year just to make sure I am not repeating myself. Doesn’t everyone do that from time to time?

I did write about the mower this time last year. I believe that it is in even worse shape this year. The hood falls off and I will need to fasten it on with duck tape (spelled duck on purpose) and binder twine – the two most favorite hardware items of any MacGyver like farm boy. The blades need changed, the tires pumped up, the oil changed, and the air filter probably needs cleaned. Can I even find the hood?

First things first though. For some reason the garage seemed to accumulate “stuff” over the winter. And most of it is piled around the mower. So I need to move the “stuff” away from the mower, and find a new home for that “stuff” so I can get the mower “out” and worked on. Will it start? Probably the battery. Forgot to unhook it last fall. Drained I suppose. Like my energy just writing about “the mower”. Back to ya’ next week.

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