Mark’s Musings – April 4, 2018

| April 3, 2018

Mark Fortune

Obviously this April fool’s joke of three inches of snow counts as one of the three snows after the Forsythia bloom. You might say, “That did not happen on April 1 – but, yes, it did. The snow was falling prior to midnight on April 1. So that counts. Now, this brings up a bit of a conundrum. In our neck of the woods (country boy saying there) the forsythia are not blooming but I have noticed a few here and there in town. So does the saying count everywhere or just the places where the forsythia are blooming?

Further, and to add even more fuel to the fire – the old saying about rain on Easter Sunday bringing seven more Sunday’s of rain – does snow count as rain? Isn’t it rain somewhere? Water when it melts? Hmmm? Do you see how all of this can just start hours and hours of good, quality dinner conversation? Try it. Opinions matter you know.

How about the Notre Dame women’s basketball team? Not one, but two last second heroic three point shots made by Arike Ogunbowale to knock off undefeated UConn (36-0) in the final four semi-final game – and that shot was in overtime – and then an off balance (you need to Google this and watch it!) three pointer in front of the Irish bench to win the National Championship. Ogunbowale was named the MVP of the final four. Just for the fun of it watch both shots.

Moving on to the men’s final four championship game that will be tonight (this is Monday, April 2) my prediction is Villanova over Michigan 85 to 72. Villanova is just too powerful for the Wolverines who have enjoyed a somewhat surprising run in the NCAA tournament this year. But this goes to show that a lot of tournament success depends on who is peaking at the right time. It was sad to see the young men and Sister Jean from Loyola of Chicago lose in the semi-final game but you know that folks will be talking about their feat for years. For those that watch the tournament you know that rooting for the Cinderella is all part of the fun and drama.

As we mentioned at the conclusion of last week’s column, ODOT is starting to move into full gear on the bridge replacement project with ramp closures now in place. Thank goodness we have the County Road 1A Bridge! It is an understatement that this road will see a huge increase in traffic over the next few months and beyond. A lot of patience and perhaps leaving for work, event or an appointment a few minutes early would be wise.

Spring will get here. In fact, the forecast is calling for 70 degrees tomorrow (Tuesday). Then back to the 40’s the rest of the week with some snow forecast for Friday. It seems that, like a squirrel trying to cross the road, our Ohio spring just can’t quite make up its mind whether it wants to spend time here or not. This may be another one of those years where we do not take part in spring but go directly to summer and do not collect our $200. (Monopoly reference there) So that means we need to enjoy the warm days when they do arrive!

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