Mark’s Musings – April 6, 2016

| April 6, 2016
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Forsythia myth that it snows three times after they bloom – 1, humans that don’t believe in said myth – 0. I don’t see two more snows coming but I didn’t see Saturday’s coming either – until it covered the lawn. Oh, the lawn. The lawn that is not yet mowed. Got the blades sharpened though. You know, the ones I dropped off last fall and said to myself, “Self, you will have that mower ready to go by March – complete with an oil change, air filter cleaned and – yep – the sharpened blades installed – and while you’re at it – why not drop the dull blades from last year’s mowing off so you will have a spare if the better half hits a rock or two, or three. (Yes, the better half likes to mow). I don’t. Did too much of it as a kid.

My role here at the Fortune household is to simply keep the darn thing running another season. So there it is sitting in the corner with one flat tire, who knows about the battery, various buckets and storage bins stacked on the seat – WAIT! – There’s that thingamajiggie I lost, err, misplaced, last winter!

So here we are turning the key, turning the key, engine turning over, engine turning over, blue smoke rolling out from the exhaust – engine at idle. Let’s get that tire pumped up and now we’re ready to mow. Or at least one of us is. Oh joy.

Come and get me spring. I’m ready for you with my sharpened mower blades, new hoe for the garden, small animal and critter fencing that I bought at a local auction last fall (you know fall, the time of year that you are supposed to get things ready for spring).

Uh oh. I forgot to remove the four foot tall weeds from the garden – last fall or winter or this March. That’s gonna hurt a bit.

Back to ya’ on more spring stuff later. That fence line looms. Again. This year.

There’s still another men’s basketball game to watch. Prediction – UNC 80, Villanova 70. Women’s title game – UConn women 80 – Syracuse ladies – 70. That makes it easy. These prognostications made on Monday, April 4 at 6 a.m.

Let’s turn our attention to baseball, hockey (does it ever really end?) and soccer. But wait – the Cavs are coming around the bend, coming around the bend. And running smack dab into Golden State and Steph Curry, again. Maybe this year.

I had the opportunity to hear some great music this past week. RV graduate Tim Myers and current member of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra performed in front of a large audience at Roscoe United Methodist Church last Thursday and several local youth made the ivories sing as they performed at the Edward E. Montgomery Jr. piano competition held Sunday evening at the Triple Locks Theatre.

Our community is artistically and musically blessed. All of the young people, their families and advisors deserve our appreciation for the time they devote to helping our youngsters develop their talents.

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