Mark’s Musings – August 01, 2012

| August 1, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Let’s get positive here people. As I move around Coshocton County covering this or that event, conversations about our community invariably pop up. And that’s enjoyable. There seems to be a common thread that weaves its way through the towns and villages of Coshocton County. While many still bemoan the loss of the GE plant – and the many good jobs it provided – others realize that these types of opportunities are, for the most part, gone for good and that the diversity of jobs we have here is indeed, positive. But WAIT – what is this I hear – The Longaberger Company is shifting – that is, moving, jobs BACK to the good old U. S. of A. Good for them. We need more of this. And perhaps, just perhaps, it is starting to happen. Remember, a trickle becomes a flood.

I for one am tired of buying the lesser quality goods mostly made in China. I have absolutely nothing against the Chinese people and happen to know some very nice folks from China. They are hard workers and pleasant folks just trying to make a living. But if you think a lot of the products made today last as long as they did 20 years ago – please show them to me. Now, lest you start calling me names or emailing me nasty grams – I DO realize that vehicles are lasting longer, televisions are lasting longer and using less electricity and there are many other fine examples. But clothes, forget it. Not as high of quality of cotton and you know it. Tools, forget about it. Not as good of steel or whatever alloys are used in tools today.

While it seems that we are now starting to get some much needed rain, albeit via thunderstorms for the most part, I fear that it is too little, too late for a lot of the corn crop. This will not bode well for food prices next year as you know. Start thinking about planting a garden now. I believe this will be on my list for 2013. Buy that freezer (buy a new one please – the old ones use a significant amount of electricity) how do I know this? We unplugged an old freezer (not sure how old) and oolah, the electricity bill dropped a bunch. Not huge, but a savings is a savings. So, if you can afford it, buy a new appliance – it will save you money in the long run! And buy locally. That also helps our community.

How about the Olympics? As of this writing, (Monday) the U. S. A. has a total of 13 medals, tied with China. But China has more Gold medals, with 7 to our 3. Italy, Japan and France round out the next three in total medal count.

I still predict that the U.S. will rise to the top of the medal count as the events that we are strong in start to come to completion. There are 302 total events for medals just so you know.

Been to the Ohio State Fair? One of our folks went over the weekend and said she was “impressed”, having not been there for many years. I imagine many of you will not be able to read your Beacon on Wednesday evening – or perhaps even Thursday – because you are going to the Boston, Kansas concert. Hope you had fun!

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Mark Fortune, along with his wife Nancy, is the former owner and founder of The Coshocton County Beacon, the highest circulated newspaper in Coshocton County. He has over 40 years in the publishing business with sales, marketing, and journalism experience. After selling The Beacon to the AloNovus Corp., in January 2020, Mark has been a Business Development Strategist with the company. They publish a network of weekly news publications with almost a half million distribution weekly, a quarterly tourism magazine and a digital division. Mark enjoys history, and has a passion for genealogy, currently researching and discovering his Fortune ancestry. He and his wife Nancy live on a small farm outside of Coshocton.

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