Mark’s Musings – August 16, 2017

| August 14, 2017

Mark Fortune

Can our nation climb back out of this black hole of separation and hate? Or is this the new norm? I certainly hope not. We just can’t seem to get to a place of calm for any length of time. I think the national media needs to shoulder a large part of this burden. The constant badgering, blame and bickering needs to stop. It will if enough people stop watching their programs. Maybe if more people would tune into the Andy Griffith show or something similar that espouses good values, character and models positive behavior we could start seeing a change. Until that happens they will, of course, continue with this march to madness. There are a lot of angry people in the country. This week’s editorial cartoon (below) is about the tamest that we had to choose from this week.

The editorial cartoonists have not had this much fodder since the days of Nixon. They have a year or more of solid material.

“The Wright Brothers” novel by Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough is a good read with the author’s always solid insights on the personal lives and mannerisms of the two brothers, father and sister among many others that helped them on the pathway to flight. McCullough is a known historian and has authored books on Truman, John Adams and others. His books are enlightening and chock full of tidbits that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Someone should make a movie. Of course, as you would know it, while confirming the spelling of Mr. McCullough’s last name my internet search turned up a story from Connecticut that claims one of their native sons flew an airplane in 1901, two years before the Wright Brothers. The state of North Carolina has long disputed this claim.

The grocery business is changing. With the purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon and now another national chain taking steps to consider home delivery via Instacart in a few major cities, is the vaunted weekly (or more) trip to the grocery going to be something of the past? Like many other things, this will take much time to develop. Metro areas already have many of these services in place I presume. Kind of takes away the ‘ol tapping on the watermelon though. The best thing we can do is support our local grocers which in turn helps our own community. Shopping at a store where you know the people that work there and the people that shop there is good for everyone.

Speaking of community people came out in a huge way to support the annual “Taste of Coshocton” sponsored by the United Way of Coshocton County. What was your favorite or were they all good? We are certainly blessed here in Coshocton County to have so many people willing to help a positive and solid cause that gives so much back to the community.

The Tribe has opened up a nice four and a half game lead over the Twins while the Cubbies have a slight one game edge over the Cardinals. The Bucs are only four games back with the Reds back 13 and presumably out of it for this campaign.

It’s just about time for football. And yes, I know the Browns won the pre-season game against the Saints. Brees was on the bench. It’s okay to be happy but don’t go all gaga yet.

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