Mark’s Musings – August 20, 2014

| August 19, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Our community has certainly been in the news this past week. It does seem, though, that we often make the Columbus and regional news for the wrong reasons. Depending, of course, which side of things you’re on. But I think we all would agree that the explosion at Coshocton Grain Company has both a negative and most assuredly a very positive angle. No one got killed when that could have easily happened. No one was seriously injured although the emotional impact, one person with burns and others hobbling and sore is not to be taken lightly. It could have been much, much worse as we all know by now.

The grain company has plans and will move forward on those plans as soon as they can I am sure.

Let’s focus on another positive with the grain company explosion. Community first responders were absolutely amazing in their regard for people’s safety, the possibility of a secondary explosion – which is quite common in accidents like this – and working together. There were no turf wars that I saw, area fire departments – whether paid or volunteer – worked together as the professionals they are with local law enforcement, EMS, REACT and others to ensure public safety and be prepared to battle another possible blaze. Volunteer fire departments not on the scene from Coshocton County were on standby to help their neighboring communities.

Our community pulled together like we always do in a situation like this. We can – and should be – proud of our first responders.

New Castle is certainly in the news as well. Again, let’s focus on a good reason why New Castle should be in the news. Why, the 147th annual GAR Bean Dinner of course. You just can’t beat the taste of beans cooked over an open fire in a big kettle that looks like something out of a Hansel and Gretel story. Or one of those rhymes. To keep something going for 147 years takes a lot of effort, patience and volunteers. Everet Beatty quipped yesterday, “I haven’t been to all of them.” And that, folks, is why the annual bean dinner – err, lunch – in New Castle is a great thing. Of course, we all know there’s more going on up in that end of the county. We’ll leave that to the rest of the media folks for now.

My opinion is that this thing in Ferguson, Missouri would have settled down as much as possible were it not for the national media continuing to draw attention to it. You and I both know – at least I hope you know – that the vast majority of these protestors are not even from the town of Ferguson. They are probably, speculating with a reasonable degree of common sense here – that they hail from St. Louis and other larger towns. Let’s not downplay this tragedy though and I don’t want you to think that. This young man was someone’s precious son. Justice does need to prevail and hopefully it will.

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