Mark’s Musings – August 21, 2013

| August 20, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Our community continues to roll forward with events, activities and progress on several fronts. It’s hard to miss the curb project on Chestnut Street. There is a lot of progress happening in Coshocton. The pipeline project through our county is going forward with lots of dollars being reinvested at restaurants, retailers and services. Tire shops, dining, specialty stores and others have seen a positive impact that 500 workers and their families bring to a community. Imagine this for the next several years. It is going to happen as the shale crews follow the pipeline crews to Coshocton County.

Baseball – is Cleveland fading or are their competitors just better right now? Now 7 games back of Detroit as the season heads toward the final weeks. The Tribe needs to get in gear just to have a crack at the wildcard. The Reds are still very much in the hunt with the Pirates looking like the team to beat in the National League Central. Of course the story of the year is the Dodgers, coming from way down to take control of the National League west. Atlanta rules the roost with total wins – our prediction right now – with the emphasis on right now – is that the world champion will come from the National League.

Let’s shift our attention to some FOOTBALL! Locally, the Bears, Redskins and Generals will be taking the field next week. And school starts this week. What????????????? Is it really that time already? In the Coshocton School District, three elementary schools with great history, pride and people begin the preparations to merge into one beautiful new facility hopefully during fair week. People of Coshocton, you deserve to be proud of this new school. The kids, teachers and administrators will all love it! Naturally, this will come with some challenges – challenges that we are confident the school administrators have had the foresight to consider as they begin the process of becoming one.

Let’s talk about college football and that conversation always begins with the beloved Buckeyes. The Big 10 race will come down to the big 2 – OSU and that team from up north. At least this year the Buckeyes will be able to play in the title tilt. Go Bucks!

The human side of the polls has the Crimson Tide and the Buckeyes one and two, respectively. But, for OSU, a somewhat soft schedule except for the season ending game at the big house has them at a bit of a disadvantage for the BCS title game. But perhaps others will falter at the right time and OSU can get a crack at the title in the championship game. Next year brings a whole host of new possibilities with the playoff system. More money and more opportunities.

My apologies for goofing on the front page headline a couple of weeks ago – Rine should have been “Rind”. Thanks to those that spotted it and brought it to my attention. Our readers are always welcome to point out flubs – it is the way the message is delivered that is also appreciated. It can be done with thoughtfulness or with frankness – it is your choice of course but I think you know which is more appreciated.

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