Mark’s Musings – August 22, 2012

| August 22, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It was truly a great weekend here in Coshocton County with the final concert of the summer at the Airport Amphitheater on a gorgeous and somewhat cool Saturday evening, especially for August. Three local bands; Route 83, Half Moon and the Jason Pendola Band played to the largest crowd ever at the Amphitheater. What an awesome way to cap off the season and have a launching pad into next year’s performances. And while each band has their own “groupies”, the crowd was enthusiastic and supportive for each of the bands.

Practically on the other side of the county, the wonderful volunteers in Newcastle worked from early in the morning to late in the day to host the annual GAR Bean Dinner. The beans were delicious with just the right touch of pepper and whatever else they toss into the pot! Yummy indeed. Combine that with cornbread muffins, potato salad, pie or cake, (or maybe both!) great fellowship and wonderful music from several local groups, including the famous – or is that infamous!! – Walhonding Rube Band. One of the groups came all the way from Johnstown to perform. The Rodichok family featured six children ranging from age 7 to 17, with the youngest playing a washboard. Neat stuff. The children play bluegrass and gospel music – you may have heard them at the River View Park chicken dinner and social in early August. Their website is – named for Sugar Creek, W.Va. – the old family homestead. Always popular Chestnut Ridge also performed to the delight of the crowd.

Do you think Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted made the right call by calling two of Montgomery County’s board of election officials on the carpet (suspending) for violating Husted’s recent ruling on board of election weekend hours? This has to do with board of elections being open two weekends (Saturday morning) prior to the election for in person voting. According to an article in The Columbus Dispatch, Husted’s decision has caught the attention of The New York Times and the Jon Stewart show.

As with all things political – there is more to this than meets the proverbial eye and more than we can logically publish in this column, so to speak. Our suggestion is to follow the story. With Ohio once again looming as a key – possibly THE state – in this fall’s election, you need to know what is happening.

Ah, school starts this week! All across the county, parents are . . . jumping for joy. Well, mostly. Perhaps you are not in that category if you have a young person headed off to college; ready to take another huge step in their life. It is truly one of the big moments. Local school officials are ready; the new elementary school for Coshocton is making progress – let’s watch out for those school buses and kids walking to school. Adjust your travel time to allow for increased traffic. I’m sure the children will appreciate it.

Let’s take a moment to wish good luck and health to all of the area athletic teams, coaches, bands, volunteers, referees, and all those who make these opportunities possible. And to the parents who make the sacrifice to travel to the games, buy the shoes, pay the fees, volunteer at the concession stand, etc., here’s to you.

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