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Mark’s Musings – August 22, 2018

| August 21, 2018

Mark Fortune

This is the week that we should have a decision regarding Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer, who has been on paid administrative leave since August 1. That decision could be as early as Wednesday. The Buckeyes home opener against Oregon State is rapidly approaching on the calendar – September 1. If Coach Meyer did, in fact, report what he knew to someone higher up the chain at Ohio State, then it is likely that that individual will be dismissed. It has been reported that the university will inform the public of a meeting regarding a decision 24 hours in advance.

On the local front, teachers have already put in a few days with students headed to the classrooms this week. Please watch for those big yellow buses! Let’s wish all the administrators, faculty, maintenance, kitchen, janitorial, coaches and of course, the teachers and students a great year of safe learning.

Did you attend the 151st annual Grand Army of the Republic bean dinner in New Castle on Sunday? How about the first ever Sunflower Festival? What a cool new event for our community. Many folks took advantage of this great opportunity for some nice photos.

As we start heading full speed into the fall season area athletes are suiting up for football, cross country, golf, volleyball and soccer. And let’s not forget about our high school Marching Bands and the many hours they have spent preparing for the halftime and Saturday band shows during the season. Coaches and all of the volunteers that invest hundreds of often thankless hours to prepare young men and women to take the field in their respective sport deserve much appreciation.

And let’s also take a moment to recognize the folks that staff the concession stands – handing out popcorn, pizza, chips, drinks and snacks to hungry fans. Referees and all those that help out at the games are also appreciated and deserve a huge thank you for what they do.

The Indians and the Red Sox are running away with their respective divisions in the American League while Oakland is right on Houston’s tail. In the National League, Atlanta, Chicago and Arizona are the leaders but Atlanta is being chased by the Phillies and the Rockies are right behind the Diamondbacks.

There are still around 40 games to go for most teams in the season so a lot can still happen and a couple of the races will no doubt come down to the final week. That’s the kind of excitement that fans – major league baseball – and sponsors – love to see.

Meanwhile in the NFL the kneelers are continuing with their protests. Again. But new this year ESPN will not be airing the National Anthem prior to the games. Do you agree with this move or not? And why is this just in the NFL? Or has it migrated to other sports and I just don’t know it? I don’t think so but it is possible. Most of you probably know that the NFL backed down to the players union about a month before the season started regarding a fine against players that kneeled during the National Anthem. Time will tell whether this loses steam and just goes quietly away or continues to drive a wedge between owners, players and fans. I guess that’s why we have college football.

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