Mark’s Musings – Dec. 10, 2014

| December 9, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The weekend was a flurry – well, that is the wrong word I suppose with the rain instead of the fluffy stuff – of activities in Coshocton County. Santa Claus came to West Lafayette despite the parade being cancelled due to a steady and cold rain. No sense causing Santa to catch cold. Hopefully you had the opportunity to hear some terrific music at the annual Coshocton Community Choir Christmas concert on Sunday or participate in the first candlelighting of the season in Roscoe Village. Thankfully the rain held off for that.

Perhaps you went to a local youth, junior high or high school sporting activity – or your kids were involved in a musical or other activity. You may have attended the very worthwhile Higher Hopes auction at River View on Saturday afternoon – always a fun time and filled with good food and fellowship. And let’s not forget about those folks up at Prairie Chapel and their annual cookie sale! I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like – well, there was that one time . . . but I blame the flu. It certainly wasn’t the cookie.

Let’s return to West Lafayette for a moment. Did you enjoy some freshly made hotcakes at the West Lafayette Lions pancake breakfast on Saturday morning? This is a great way to start your Saturday once a month and besides, it helps a worthwhile cause.

And of course, for some, the weekend would not be complete without watching the hapless Browns suffer another defeat – naturally at the end of game. But . . . we have the Buckeyes. Let’s just say that the Badger tucked that tail between his legs for the trip back to Madison. Do badgers have tails? I’m not sure. And the Buckeyes did all of this with a third string quarterback no less. A third string quarterback that would be the unquestionable starter on many FBS teams.

You gotta feel for the folks at TCU – the horned frogs had a great season and you have to admit – they have a cool name. Same goes for Baylor. I would have preferred someone knock Florida State out of the mix.

Last week’s cartoon on page four of The Beacon caused me to chuckle. “Where is my package?” is an oft made comment in today’s amazon and overstocks world. Internet shopping is all the rage yet traditional retailers are reporting good store traffic. Some things are best tried on, looked at, held physically and all that. You can certainly order a book online – that’s easy. Larger ticket items not so much.

But let’s return to the package – “Where is my tracking number?” Heck, I just placed the order a couple of minutes ago. “I want my tracking number!” ‘What do you mean it’s been backordered?” “Backordered!” No way. “There were at least 8 of those items when I placed my order.” “Isn’t there someone I can call?” Of course not. This is the age of automation. Go visit a local business and shop local. No tracking number needed.

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