Mark’s Musings – Dec. 17, 2014

| December 16, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It’s almost here. Christmas. The day that the world – on the outside – goes eerily silent. Less traffic, less hustle and bustle, no shopping (that I know of). Now, what goes on inside can be a bit of craziness. Wrapping paper being shredded left and right. Laughing, shouting and carrying on of all sorts. And that’s just the adults to say nothing of the kids.

Each of us may look at Christmas from a different perspective. Yet, we all seem to be able to slow down a bit on Christmas Day to enjoy our families and friends. That’s important in this all too busy and complex world. The choices anymore are almost limitless and it seems that even finding something simple – is not so simple anymore. Even socks offer virtually unlimited choices.

Yet how we spend our time throughout this holiday season is – for the most part – our choice. Yes, I know there are family obligations but I’m referring to a larger picture. A nice sit down dinner with your family – without the smart phones, tablets and the television is a good start. We need to be a bit cautious about the constant need for attention, information and updates on your Facebook page. Sure, I know these things have many positive moments but taking time away from our families should not be one of them. That time is precious and we all need to enjoy it.

If you receive The Coshocton County Beacon in your mailbox this issue contains our annual Portrait Magazine. If you tend to pick up a copy of The Beacon at a store or another location, you can find a copy of Portrait Magazine later this week at several locations around the community or come visit our office at 226 Main St. in Coshocton (the former Workman’s Restaurant) and pick up a free copy. This annual publication represents many hours of work by our news, sales and design teams and is being provided free thanks to the support of the many area businesses and organizations that supported it with their advertising message.

We hope you find the information inside useful and just as importantly, accurate. You are welcome to let me know if you find something missing, or inaccurate. We strive each year to ensure that what you are receiving is of the highest quality and correct. And even with that goal foremost in our minds, there are occasions when we might miss something. Usually, someone is able to point this out and we make a record of it for next year. You can also find Portrait Magazine on our website at

Do I even want to mention the Browns? Gosh. It seems that the heir apparent quarterback is . . . not. But let’s give him a chance. Especially now that the Browns chances to make the playoffs have dwindled to about the same chance I have of winning a MAJOR AWARD. For those that know me well, inside joke. Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading The Beacon.

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