Mark’s Musings – December 12, 2012

| December 11, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Perhaps the weather will have turned colder as you are reading this issue of The Beacon. So far, we have been spared the cold of December. I must admit I don’t enjoy the snow as much as I used to. Must be that age thing I suppose. Readers of past columns know that sleigh riding was a favorite pastime in my youth. Back when we walked forty miles to school thru ten foot snowdrifts. Yep, I remember those days as clearly as the water in an Icelandic fjord. But I’m not complaining about the rain because it is needed.

Speaking of Iceland, has anyone been watching the “Mankind, the story of all of us”, on the History channel. New episodes air on Tuesday evenings. This program is quite interesting and reveals much about world history and events that I had lost touch with. Genghis Khan, Christopher Columbus, the Black Plague and many other chapters in world history come to life with excellent CGI. Of course, the Iceland reference is to the Vikings, whose fast ships with shallow draft allowed them to go places that other ships could not. They literally touched the coast of all European countries in their day.

Now, has anyone been to see the “Abraham Lincoln” movie? I have not made it yet but hope to before it leaves the theater. It seems to be the front runner for the awards this year – especially word is out that Daniel Day Lewis as best actor. He cuts quite an imposing Lincoln figure in the previews.

Texas A&M freshman Johnny Manziel won the Heisman trophy, the first time a freshman has won the award. Could he possibly give Archie Griffin a run for winning the award multiple times?

The front page photo on this issue of The Beacon is of The Remembrance Tree, located in the Rotary Gazebo on the court square. This tree represents a wonderful organization in our community and of even more significance are the tributes to loved ones placed on the tree. Thank you for this.

Many of us think about giving to others during this time of year – not that giving is not considered other times of the year – but the holiday season brings special emphasis on the needs of our community and indeed, beyond. Those that help, volunteer their time and talents, and do things to put a smile on another’s face are worthy of a thank you. The Salvation Army volunteers, food pantry helpers, United Way volunteers, and all of the organizations that help in any way they can, thank you. You help make Coshocton County a brighter place to live, work and play.

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Mark Fortune, along with his wife Nancy, is the former owner and founder of The Coshocton County Beacon, the highest circulated newspaper in Coshocton County. He has over 40 years in the publishing business with sales, marketing, and journalism experience. After selling The Beacon to the AloNovus Corp., in January 2020, Mark has been a Business Development Strategist with the company. They publish a network of weekly news publications with almost a half million distribution weekly, a quarterly tourism magazine and a digital division. Mark enjoys history, and has a passion for genealogy, currently researching and discovering his Fortune ancestry. He and his wife Nancy live on a small farm outside of Coshocton.

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