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Mark’s Musings – December 13, 2017

| December 12, 2017

Mark Fortune

Ah, Christmas memories. Have a favorite? Of course you do. Everyone does. Maybe it is a favorite gift, a favorite song, or perhaps a favorite ornament or decoration?

Let’s talk about all the goodies at Christmas. What is your favorite Christmas cookie, pie, beverage (egg nog of course!), meat or dessert? Forget the vegetables (kids, eat your vegetables!) except for the infamous Green Bean Casserole and Baked Corn. That is not an either or. Have both. I don’t want blamed for children in the area not eating their vegetables. Please notice that I separated the cookies and pie from the dessert. In my opinion, they are a separate item and deserve their own – well, just desserts. That was too easy.

You have to hand it to all of the people that give so much of their time during the holidays to provide numerous sparks of holiday cheer for our community. The Coshocton Community Choir, all of the children’s choirs, the church choirs, the school musicians and singers, actors and actresses, and all those that volunteered during a frigid cold Saturday evening at the Coshocton Christian Tabernacle to provide a live nativity for our community.

Thanks to all the folks that ensure that the candle lightings at Roscoe Village are successful regardless of the weather. I’ll say it again – the tree in Roscoe is beautiful. Take a drive through the village to see it.

Let’s talk about shopping local as you take that drive through Roscoe Village. Our community is blessed with shops and businesses of all types for all budgets. Sure, we even have several of the “go to” stores for many of the items your kids may be craving.

But we have much more than that. From footwear to fashion to outdoor fun, our community has it. The proverbial gift certificate from a local restaurant, eatery or coffee shop is easy to grab. What about a cheese tray or a wine and beverage basket?

Well, the Browns do deserve a shout out for their performance against the Packers. Overtime? Wow. I did not watch the game so maybe the Packers just did not play well – and did I hear that Rogers did not play? But let’s not look at a gift horse in the mouth as the saying goes. Gift? Horse? Let’s shift gears back to Christmas shall we?

How many youngsters (or adults) pine for a horse as a Christmas gift? Lots in our area I am sure. And yet do not receive that wish. There would be lots of reasons for that. Sometimes we don’t get what we wish for but this publication is about the positive isn’t it? I find that I don’t recall the things I didn’t get for Christmas – I think more fondly and reflect on the cool things I got. The Red Ryder bb gun of course. How could you possibly forget that?

The dates on the calendar for Christmas – and the first showing of “A Christmas Story” are looming closer. And while I – as all of the regular readers of this column already know – love the show; let’s remember the real reason for the season as Christmas 2017 approaches.

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