Mark’s Musings – December 18, 2019

| December 17, 2019

Mark Fortune

As we head into the final full week before that most joyous of seasons, let’s take a moment of pause to reflect on just how great this community is – and how blessed we are to live here.

Coshocton County is just a very special place and has many, many very special people. If you were to make list of all the “nice” and all the “naughty” the nice would far outweigh the naughty. Try it. I think you will see what I mean.

In just a very short while we are going to have a “really nice” brand new pair of bridges ‘tween river and dale – that will improve the safety of our traffic flow into and out of our community. It is an impressive job and looks like it will be completed well before the forecasted timeline.

What’s next you might ask? There are a lot of things in the pipeline to improve our community – keep watching!

This is also a very sad time for many people – with the loss of a loved one that was cherished and loved. Perhaps it is a first Christmas without a loved one – so let’s remember the fond memories and all the good things that were shared throughout the years.

What happened to the Browns this season? Wasn’t this supposed to be “the year”? The year that the Browns won more games than they lost – even the year that they make the playoffs? And oh my gosh – even the year that they might – perhaps – go to the Super Bowl? Needless to say the Browns failed on all accounts – and I would expect a coaching change and more. When you get throttled by a 3 win team (at the time) it just smacks of something gone totally wrong in Cleveland this year. As we like to say, let’s wait until next year!

Thank you Dr. Robert Gwinn for your many years of service to our community as our Coshocton County coroner. It is appreciated.

Our community lost a valued and dedicated man last week with the passing of Jackson Township Fire Chief William “Bill” Bowen. A long serving Jackson Township trustee and the foundation and rock of the Jackson Township Fire Department, Bill had many talents and gifts. One of those was somehow always running across fire trucks and equipment that would suit the fire department in just the right way. And typically this equipment was purchased at a good value. Bill always kept the fact in mind that he was representing the people of Jackson Township. Thank you Bill for your many years of dedicated and unselfish service to our community. You will be greatly missed.

In case you are headed east, west, north or south for the Christmas holiday – here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Only one week until the greatest holiday movie of all time – perhaps the greatest movie of all time – perhaps. I am ready.

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