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Mark’s Musings – December 20, 2017

| December 18, 2017

Mark Fortune

Twas the night before next year, when all through Coshocton County not a creature was stirring, except for some small deer that the hunters decided to leave for next year.

The lights were all hung by people that care, and hoping that this feeling of love and good cheer throughout the community we would share.

Many children and families were helped by the Christmas castle – it is done by WTNS with nary a hassle.

Visions of new factories and plants danced in many a head, always is brought up the ones that are no longer here. But we have nothing to fear for despite the sometimes gloom, on the horizon many good things for our community do they loom.

The trucks with corn headed to Coshocton Grain throughout the town did they clatter, the farmers have their own thing to do with only the weather to matter.


When there is a need, many a person does the call heed, for in Coshocton County there is little greed. Just watch how quickly the people here respond with the utmost speed.

Many agencies and groups send out the call – without their services and effort, through the cracks many would fall. Let’s help them one and all.

This is a great place to live, work and raise a family for sure. Like other places there is no 100% cure.

But we have added things this year that keep more of our money here. 2017 brought more businesses, employment, a distillery and even a brewery or two. Working together is really the glue.

For some the year is bittersweet. The loss of a loved one dear means that the holidays will not be as nice, here’s hoping that the good memories are in your heart held near.

As you gather around the tree or table this year, may your eyes the joy of family and those you love see.

Unwrapping the packages and gifts is fun for all, for many a parent finding that elusive gift is an order very tall. But they don’t stop until they find what they seek, and when opened the children do let out a shriek.

Whether it is turkey, ham or lamb, the Christmas feast and tradition is held throughout our land. Many find joy in joining together and singing carols hand in hand.

We may have a white Christmas or we may not, it really matters little what we got. A blanket of snow is really nice, but for many of us, it just brings the unpleasantness of driving on ice.

We have to be sure of where we stand, for there are many that would like us divided in this land. But to move Coshocton County forward we must walk through it hand in hand.

Working together and being positive is the only way to keep our community the great place it is to live, work and play. We all know this to be true, it is nothing new. Let’s keep doing all we can to make Coshocton County the place where we all want to stay.

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