Mark’s Musings – Dec. 24, 2014

| December 23, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Ahhh, that music! I can hear it now. Yes, really I can. Really. Because as I’m typing this Christmas week column I am watching and listening to one of the favorite Christmas movies of all time – “A Christmas Story.” I know – you’ve envious. Technology isn’t it wonderful! And you’re also thinking – that Mark. How many times can you possibly watch the same show? I will tell you how many. Perpetuity. That many.

Many of you share my passion for this show. For some reason there’s just something that draws me to it – like a moth to flame. Maybe it’s the Red Ryder BB gun – and yes, I had one. It might still be around mom and dad’s house somewhere. Or more than likely, it is buried in some scrap heap after I beat it around for five years before moving to the next level – the Remington .22. But that’s another story. Back to it.

There’s nothing better on Christmas Eve night precisely at 8 p.m., hitting the remote and going to my favorite holiday show. The Hallmark Channel does boast some nice programming but let’s face it here – it’s not reality. “A Christmas Story” is reality. Really. It is. You dare to disagree? Double dog dare? In fact, I triple dog dare ya! A slight breach of etiquette has never stopped me. And yes, I have the shirt to back it up. Really. I do. A gift from the daughter and son-in-law. A gift that keeps on giving all year long. But I will only wear it in December. I had to promise the wife.

Maybe it’s those darn glasses that Ralphie wears. I had a pair. Really. I did. Mechanized electronic joy. Had a lot of those toys as a kid – as mom used to call them – “Varoom toys.” Drove the parent’s nuts and killed off several of mom’s favorite house plants. Or that might have been the years of the Big Red Machine, not sure. It all runs together sometimes. It’s the fevered brain.

Tinker toys? Now that’s a dangerous toy. I built many a fort / truck / castle / etc. with those things. One thing we didn’t have in the yard was a set of monkey bars. Now who has that? Really? But Conesville Elementary had them!

You gotta love those little push button switches for lights. Yep, Grandpa and Grandma’s house had ‘em. Still does far as I know.

Thankfully, we have entered into the world of Gore-Tex and clothing that is light and warm all at the same time versus the heavier than thou coats, boots and scarves from yesteryear.

Everyone has had a Miss Shields teacher in their life. Think back – probably in elementary school more than likely. Is it possible that the coonskin cap worn by the dad and Scott Farkus are the same? (Farkis?)

Well, let’s wrap this up. Rarely have the words poured from my penny pencil with such feverish fluidity. In fact, I am giving myself an A+++++++++. I think it’s time to fix myself a cup of Ovaltine and feed the hound dogs.

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