Mark’s Musings – December 26, 2018

| December 26, 2018

Mark Fortune

It is certainly challenging to write a column that will appear in the issue after Christmas when Christmas is not even here yet. Oh well. Despite the challenges I accept them. The cute little ditty of “Santa Shark” rings in my head as I tap on the keyboard. Anyone else caught up in that? Those with young children or perhaps young grandchildren probably are – here is a note of caution – unless you want to hum the tune all day long – stay away! (I know – now you want to check it out – go ahead, but I warned you!)

And, even more challenging, I haven’t even watched THAT movie yet! Well, Christmas Eve is not here yet as I write. But it looms ever closer – in fact, my countdown clock to one of the greatest Christmas movies – dare I say – greatest movies of all time – shows exactly 78 hours, 10 minutes and 36 seconds until the first showing of what will be 24 hours of sheer joy begins.

I have written in previous Christmas columns that one of the things I enjoy most about Christmas Day – in addition to the obvious – is the simple peace and quiet of the day. Businesses are closed – all of them – so it’s definitely not like Thanksgiving Day which has turned into a glorified eating and shopping early to beat Black Friday occasion.

But let’s remember that not everyone gets Christmas Day off – there are many, many people that spend Christmas Day, or Christmas Eve for that matter, keeping us safe, watching over loved ones in a care facility, hospital or otherwise. ALL of our First Responders deserve our appreciation and thanks. There are also those that keep the lights on, the water running and the highways and byways clear if it snows. And the forecast now calls for snow on Sunday instead of Christmas Day. But you never know.

Any predictions for the Buckeyes bowl game? How about OSU 34 – Washington 10. Now for the Browns. Yes, this season has been an amazing turnaround as any true blue Cleveland fan can attest. The Browns -as I write this on Friday, Dec. 21 – have a slim 1% chance of making the playoffs. Kind of like that last little crumb that the Grinch (the original) plucked off the floor is a good comparison. Lots and lots of things have to go right. But what a fantastic resurgence. The 2019 season should be awesome!

Now let’s talk about the Dec. 29 games – Clemson will win over the Irish and Alabama will defeat Oklahoma although I am not as confident of that matchup. I am taking Clemson overall.

Our community lost a dear, sweet woman with the passing of Margaret Granger last week. One of my Sunday school teachers in my youth, Mrs. Granger was truly one of the kindest people that you would ever want to meet. I consider myself blessed to have known her.

As we get the opportunity to pause a bit over the holidays – let’s please take a moment to remember those that lost loved ones this year. Whether it was a spouse, parent, grand-parent, child or a special person whose memory you hold dear, here’s hoping that you continue to hold the memories close to your heart.

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