Mark’s Musings – December 27, 2017

| December 27, 2017

Mark Fortune

Another Christmas is in the books. Here’s hoping you received what you wished for. And no lumps of coal except for the ones that look like a lump of coal but taste like chocolate. Yum!

What will 2018 bring? Most of us make resolutions of some type or another and most of those are broken by the end of the first month of the year. Make yourself a promise that you will keep at least one of those resolutions. According to a report on the internet, for 2017 “Get Healthy” was the number one search followed by “Get Organized” then “Live Life to the Fullest”.

Here are a few that make sense to me – and are not the usual suspects like the above. Laugh more, spending more quality time with those that we love, setting a good example and being positive. We have much to be positive about in our community. Sure, we have our struggles – name a small Midwestern town that does not.

I believe that 2018 will be a good year for our community with more jobs, businesses and organizations coming together to make Coshocton County an even better place to live, work and play.

Working together is the key. Let’s all dig in and do our part.

Sadly, on another note, it will be another 362 days until “A Christmas Story” is on again. I am using the date of this paper to calculate that number. My math might be a little suspect but you get the idea. Of course, if you have the DVD you can watch it anytime you want to but that kind of takes away all the fun. Hope you got your fill of the leg lamp. My collection of items that are based on the movie are expanding like a stomach on Christmas cookie overload. A couple of shirts, two mugs and a miniature lamp currently make up the collection. Not much but it is growing.

128 countries voted against the U.S. in the U.N. resolution to make the announcement by President Trump that the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel null and void. Even our staunchest ally and friend Britain voted with the majority. Past Presidents claimed that they would do this when they were on the campaign trail – from both parties – but never did. The current level of funding that the U.S. provides to the U.N. was reduced earlier this year.

Not sure about how the just passed tax reform will help you and your family? The reductions in the income tax rate are from one to four percent and the seven current tax rates still apply. The tax reform is effective through the year 2025 when Congress will need to reconsider the bill. Claims are that the bill, while putting more money in the pockets of individual consumers, will help corporations the most as the corporate tax rate is reduced from 35% to 21% and eliminating the alternative minimum tax for corporations. This can be a good thing and time will tell. Happy New Year!

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