Mark’s Musings – December 5, 2018

| December 4, 2018

Mark Fortune

As we barrel straight into December holiday celebrations are in full swing throughout Coshocton County as Santa Claus made his appearance in West Lafayette on Saturday, the first candle lighting of the season was held in Roscoe Village on a wet Saturday evening and the Coshocton Community Choir with all those that help gave a rousing performance on Sunday afternoon at Coshocton High School. It was a great start to the Christmas season.

Be sure to drive through Roscoe Village to grab a peek at the Christmas tree – it’s a gorgeous one. Another nice event for the family – or anyone really – is to bundle up some evening and venture out to view all the beautiful Christmas lights that are spread throughout the county. As I write this week’s column on Dec. 3, we are now only three weeks from Christmas Eve. Will it be here and gone before we know it? Probably. But I recall as a child that the month of December was the longest month of the year – at least until the 25th arrived. That’s just how it is in the kid world you know. Meanwhile, let’s just enjoy it. Can we slow down for a bit and enjoy time with friends and family? I think we need to as the pace and activity of the world continues to accelerate.

There were no real surprises in the college football playoff despite ESPN making it a day long broadcast. They certainly made every effort to drag out the suspense as long as they could. Deep down I think everyone knew that Oklahoma would be that fourth team – especially since Georgia lost to Alabama and became a two loss team. Did the Buckeyes deserve to be that fourth team? No. All true Buckeye fans know that and we just need to accept the Rose Bowl berth against Washington. There is nothing to be ashamed of playing in the Rose Bowl. After all, it is home to some of the Buckeyes most treasured memories.

The Bobcats of Ohio U will play on Dec. 19 in the DXL Frisco Bowl versus San Diego State in Frisco, Texas. Depending on where you search on the internet, you will discover that there are no less than 39, 40 or 41 bowl games. I found all three numbers in just one area. Does it really matter though? Let’s face it, there are almost as many college football bowl games as there are Christmas lights in the Christmas Vacation movie.

Are you shopping local this holiday season? Are you trying to? There are plenty of nice gifts and surprise treats that can be found right here in good ‘ol Coshocton County. We all know about the big box store out on the highway and in addition to that there are plenty of mom and pop stores of all kinds spread throughout our community with friendly service, good prices and lots of great gift choices. If you give our local businesses a chance, I believe that they will come through for you.

We are now one week closer to the movie. You know which one. Prepare.

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