Mark’s Musings – Feb. 06, 2013

| February 5, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

First item on the agenda – the Super Bowl of course. Decent game, the interruption probably caused lots of folks to tune out, fall asleep, etc., etc.

If San Francisco had a few more minutes I believe they would have won. And of course, the first half made the difference. Halftime show – ho hum. Bring back the rock ‘n rollers – I think next year would be a good year for Aerosmith. Alicia Keys on the piano was great. And the children’s choir performing from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was heartwarming.

Commercials. The Go Daddy one . . . yikes. That was terrible. The humor was lost on me about five seconds in. But that is my opinion. The best commercials – Budweiser with the horse that finds its trainer and the Paul Harvey farmer commercial that featured the Dodge Ram. But kudos to Dodge for actually focusing our country’s – and millions of viewers around the world – attention on the people that keep the billions in the world fed. They pretty much have a thankless job – but do it because they want to and love what they do. Thank you farmers.

Saw one a couple of weeks ago. No, not a winning lottery ticket. A dead crow. My first. You just don’t see ‘em. Interesting species, the crow. And they are still flying around the friendly skies of Crowtown.

The shale movement is progressing – albeit slowly here in Coshocton County. It will gain momentum later this year and on into 2014 we predict. Eastern Guernsey County is seeing lots of things happen.

The local economy seems to be gaining some mojo – and will realize more as tax refunds start hitting wallets and purses. Filings are going to be later this year for many, so February and March should be strong for businesses.

Several of our readers have called in to tell us that they are not receiving The Beacon in the mail. Due to how we mail The Beacon through the post office – we are a requested periodical – every three years the request to receive The Beacon in the mail free must be renewed. So if you are not receiving The Beacon in the mail – and you used to – you have two options. One, you can visit our office at 226 Main Street in Coshocton to fill out a renewal card – we’re next to Wilson Carpet & Furniture – second, you can visit our new website at and click on the yellow Request / Renew The Beacon link. It’s in the upper right corner. That will link to a form that you complete and is emailed to our office. You’ll start receiving The Beacon in a week or two in your mailbox. Thanks.

Locally, there is a lot going on this weekend – the Chocolate Extravaganza and all things sweet on Saturday, the Sweetheart Dance at the Lake Park Pavilion on Saturday evening with the musical sound of a bygone era to enjoy while you dance the night away. This is a nice time of the year to get out and enjoy some of the finest that Coshocton has to offer.

Charlie Shriver, you will be missed. There probably aren’t too many families in Coshocton that Charlie didn’t help at one time or another by fixing a flat or patching a leak. Thanks Charlie.

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