Mark’s Musings – Feb. 18, 2015

| February 17, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Finally, it appears that the United States is going to target ISIL as the President has asked Congress for the authorization to pursue the rogue militant group with a war powers act. This came just days before ISIL beheaded over 20 Egyptian Christians in a mass murder. Folks, I think we all know by now that this is not some rogue band of guerillas out for a little bit of revenge – ISIL is well-funded, well-armed and apparently, well versed in military tactics and strategy. The latest reports have them taking a town about 9 miles from a U.S. airbase in Iraq. We will get drawn into this fight whether our elected officials as a whole want to or not. The first time they light a U.S. pilot or soldier on fire will be our call to arms. Let’s hope it does not come to that.

Local swimmers did well at the sectional tournament and many are headed to the district swim meet at Athens this weekend. On the hardwoods, the Ridgewood Lady Generals capped off a phenomenal regular season with only three losses – congrats to Coach Patterson, all the players, coaches and fans. And also coming out of West Lafayette is a very successful General’s wrestling season, scoring 24 points in a loss to Dayton Christian at the state Division III wrestling duals. Congrats to Coach Nate Carpenter and all the young men involved in another great season of wrestling at Ridgewood.

The Buckeyes had a heart break of a loss on Valentine’s Day to Michigan State with a last second three pointer made by the Spartans after the Buckeyes had tied the game with a three point bucket of their own.

If you are a lover of all things sweet and musical you had a great weekend in Coshocton County. The Chocolate Extravaganza was this past weekend at the Coshocton County Career Center – (do you ever give thought to how many community events are held at this wonderful facility?) the Sweetheart Dance was held at the Lake Park Pavilion on Saturday night with the sounds of Coshocton’s Lake Park Big Band reverberating through the nicely lit interior of the Pavilion. If you closed your eyes for a moment you were sure that perhaps – just perhaps –  one of the big bands from the 1940’s was performing – as it was Gwenna Neal hit the high notes with some terrific solo singing with band accompaniment. Or maybe you attended the concert at The Presbyterian Church on Sunday afternoon. More high quality singing.

The auction of the lots where the Central and Lincoln schools formerly stood was decently attended considering the ugly and cold weather conditions on Saturday morning. And while the bids are not official until the school board meeting that will be held on Tuesday evening, Feb. 17 (this is being written on Monday) it is a positive thing that as far as we know the lots were purchased by members of our own community. That can be a good thing.





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