Mark’s Musings – Feb. 4, 2015

| February 3, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Super Bowl 49 (sorry, no roman numeral here) equaled Super Fun. There was several attention grabbing commercials – but not as many as in past years in my opinion. And it seemed that the Budweiser commercial with the runaway puppy stole the show. According to the internet, that was number one with the “Like a girl’ number two. There are several websites with the rankings of all the commercials. Another favorite was the Mexican avocado spot. The halftime show was a good one.

As far as the game was concerned, it was certainly one of the better games in recent memory. I thought Pete Carroll made it real clear that the decision for the call that led to the interception on the one yard line was his call. Pete Carroll will not throw others under the bus. I also thought it was neat that a Kent State grad caught a lot of tough passes and gritted his way to extra yards – commonly called yards after the catch in football lingo. Good job Mr. Edelman – that is, if you were rooting for the Patriots. And if you caught the post-game interviews, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a class guy. And although it is really hard to return often, I predict that he will be back in the Super Bowl.

One of our loyal readers has asked me to pass along the news that Rev. Bill Croy has passed away. Rev. Croy had been gallantly battling ALS for the past four years. Rev. Croy, his wife Dorothy and daughter Megan participated in a fundraiser at the court square a year ago last summer. Over $600 dollars was raised for ALS research. Our reader said, “For the folks who financially contributed or got to talk to Bill, Dorothy and Megan, they might like to hear that Bill no longer has to suffer, and is hitting home runs and scoring touchdowns in heaven.”

The pandering about has begun for the 2016 Presidential nominations. Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb are five of them at this point – with Hillary garnering well over 50% of Democratic voters in a recent poll by Rasmussen.

On the Republican side, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker are the top five potential vote getters – again, according to a Rasmussen poll. The Republican poll is a lot closer and has about twice as many possible candidates as the Democrats, including our very own Governor John Kasich. Perhaps not surprisingly, Mitt Romney, who has declined to run, led the poll. We’ll keep you updated as the list is winnowed down over the next few months into the serious contenders.

It might provide some good conversation for the bridge club to review all of the candidates on both sides – as it is almost certain that a few potentially good candidates will not have the serious amount of funding that it takes to mount a Presidential campaign. And that is too bad for the future of our country.




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