Mark’s Musings – February 12, 2014

| February 12, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The Sochi Olympics are in full swing – well, not quite. There is that issue with one of the rings. The rumor mill has the technician that was responsible already serving his life sentence in the salt mines of Siberia. And no vodka either. Ah, Russia. Love ‘em or hate’em, the mystery and aura that surrounds the Russian culture is as complex and deep as understanding all of the events at the Winter Olympics. I have a new event for the 2018 Winter Games – let’s take the snowboarding and make it a paired event like figure skating. Or what about a paired ski jump event? Two skiers jumping in tandem would be cool to watch. Awesome. Get out your pens and pencils, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other means of getting the Olympic Committee to adapt these changes.

The Buckeyes deserve to crack back into the top 25 in men’s college hoops. And I predict they will. The standings are released on Monday afternoons – this is Monday morning. A cold Monday morning but the sunshine warms the spirit if nothing else.

Some are wondering what the summer will bring with the cold and snowy winter. Hot. Remember last summer had several consecutive days of 90 plus degrees. And we complained of course. Now, to be fair, not everyone complains about the heat. There are many that prefer the 90 plus degree days. I am not one of those so that gives me the right to complain. Naturally, I am also complaining about the zero degree days. I don’t like those either.

According to a CNN poll earlier this month, 57% of Americans think that a terrorist attack at the Sochi Olympics is a credible threat and is likely. Let’s pray that this does not occur. The Russians have built an impressive Olympic community to showcase their national pride and ability to host these Winter Games. Regardless of the country, it would be a tragedy if something were to happen.

The Russians have employed 100,000 security personnel in what Vladimir Putin is calling a “Ring of Steel”. This includes the famed Cossacks, who rode horses in cavalry charges as late as World War Two. Their uniforms are as distinct as their black hats. Give the Russians credit for swallowing their pride along with their vodka – as they have asked the U.S. for help by providing anti-bomb equipment for vulnerable rail lines and highways leading to Sochi. Let’s hope that these measures can thwart any potential threats.

The western part of Coshocton County is quiet today. The loss of Mike Johnson will be felt throughout our community. The passing of this loving family man and dedicated and passionate farmer will leave a hole as large as his smile – which to those that knew him – could always be counted on to brighten up a room or really anyplace that he was. Mike had what I call an easy laugh. I consider myself fortunate to have known Mike Johnson.

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