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| February 7, 2017
Mark Fortune

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Astonishing. Incredible. Fantastic. A Super Bowl to remember. It was certainly one for the ages. The 50 year old plus one event that spans the globe did not disappoint, unless you are an Atlanta Falcons fan. Like many of you I felt that the game was pretty much over at halftime except for the fact that the Patriots have Tom Brady at quarterback. So I hung on – not so much because I was rooting for the Patriots – but because I thought that if anyone could overcome a 25 point halftime deficit – it would be Brady. And that played out like a script from a youngster dreaming of hurling a touchdown pass in the last second to win the big game.

Now I am hearing that Mr. Brady’s jersey is missing. Let’s hope that someone will man up to this cheap act and return it to the Patriots where it belongs.

The live Hyundai commercial showing some of our troops in Zagan, Poland being able to watch the game “live” with their loved ones was, in my opinion, one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I did not even know that we had troops stationed in Poland. Sure, you know that technology like this exists but it was a nice touch that Hyundai put on this particular promotion.

Did you know that the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Mr. Arthur Blank, who is the co-founder of The Home Depot, paid for every team employee to attend the Super Bowl. A nice touch.

Having President Bush, who was accompanied by Mrs. Bush, perform the Super Bowl coin toss was another nice touch of this game. President and Mrs. Bush were both just released from the hospital.

There were other moments of patriotism and messages of optimism and togetherness spread throughout the commercials and the game itself.

It seemed like the sudden death ending even caught up with the broadcasters, who seemed mesmerized and not quite sure what to do at the end of the game. I do not recall – and maybe I missed it – seeing much footage of the Falcons bench following the game. I am sure that the loss was misery for the Falcons who will be replaying this one for the rest of their lives. Of course, the Falcons have the opportunity to make the Super Bowl in 2018. So do the Patriots.

Let’s switch to the commercials. According to various websites, and depending on where you research, the Tide commercial that featured Terry Bradshaw with a stain on this shirt seemed to clean up. Pun intended. The Kia commercial with actress Melissa McCarthy meeting disaster while trying to save whales, the ice caps and trees with the 60 second commercial (which had to cost a bundle) that featured the new fuel efficient Niro car was next. The NFL promotion and the Budweiser commercial that featured the first meeting between Adolphus Busch and Eberhard Anheuser were also favored spots. Some folks took offense to the immigration theme of the ad – which was made long before President Trump’s ban – was one of the most watched ads of the game. None in my opinion matched the
“Doritos baby” commercial of 2016. You have to remember that one.

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